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... experienced muscle tension on my neck, arms and brain zaps. I have this sensation on my face too, even in my eyes, inside. It was everywhere! I had strong muscle spasms too, all over the body. I had bruises on my legs for no reason. ... (2 replies)
... Hi I'm a 27 year old female that has been experiencing weird sensations all over my body for about 2 weeks now. First let me tell you that before I experienced all this I had a very bad cold that turned into asthma. ... (2 replies)
... like muscle spasms about 4 or 5 months ago. Unfortunately it's progressively getting worse. By worse I mean effecting more areas. It was initially just in my left calf. ... (3 replies)

... i suffer from burning sensations in my feet, hands and arms; muscle spasms in pretty much every place in my body; i get daily severe migraines; and yet i seem to do fine when tested for neuropathy. I was wondering what this could possibly be, my neuro said that i could be my brain isn't interpreting signals correctly. If that was the case, then how do i get a proper... (43 replies)
... g my arms and hands hard to make them do what pain burning and tingling through out body.forget what I'm saying or doing. Difficulty swallowing. Shaking at times body spasms. Electric jolts to different parts of body.presure in head lost of concentration. Lost 50 lbs. very weak. ... (10 replies)
... I am currently experiencing no bad symptoms except for this horrible body pain. ... (6 replies)
... and my right hand is jerky. Its been about two weeks now, and I'm shaky, with the tremor coming and going. I have also been having pins and needles all over my body that itch after I feel them. ... (0 replies)
Body buzzing.
May 20, 2009
... My whole body is buzzing with each movement I make. I feel almost as if I am going to pass out. Its not so much pain as a really weird sensation, light headed,dizzy,weak. ... (0 replies)
... t specialists I have been to want to diagnose me with a "woman" Fibromyalgia, Stress, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and on and on. Thing is, I know my body and I know these things are not what is wrong with me. What has happened to doctors? ... (20 replies)
... I'm here. I check the board several times each day. I think the reason I'm not posting is because I can't seem to wrestle fear to the ground. The fear grows as my symptoms increase and continually change. If I don't write about it - it's not really happening - I guess that's denial. Perhaps others out there are the same. I don't know what happened to me last summer - I might... (29 replies)
... shock sensation.I get it in the arch of my feet and in the neck which can travel down my spine to other limbs.It has been very painful to barely noticable.Muscle spasms I have controlled with meds.My neuro stated it was over excited nerves.Try to see a neuro to see if he can help. ... (3 replies)
... all the way up into throat and back of nose etc. Constant spasming of osephagus..couldn't lean back in a chair to sit as the touch would "burn" and trigger more spasms in osophagus, throat. It seemed as if peristalsis itself triggered spasms.. ... (11 replies)
Totally disgusted
May 18, 2013
... i did however tell the doctors about the numbness and tingling cause at that point i had not yet had the pain.also i was dealing with severe muscle spasms and muscle cramping. ... (0 replies)
... ups, been in the ER as the whole left side of my body went numb, am now seeing a Lyme Literate dr to at least rule out chronic Lyme. Been to an allergist, been tested for Celiac, Lupus, MS, RA, you name it. ... (6 replies)
... Muscle spasms in my chest, abdomen, shoulders, neck, arms legs and feet. ... (3 replies)
... 1. Flu like aches throughout their bodies a lot of times (no fever) 2. Tired 3. Spasms for no real reason. 4. Stiffness 5. Nausea (caused most likely due to chronic pain) 6. Low appitite 7. Backing off from social activities 8. Weather sensitive. 9. More headaches 10. Nerve twitching in various parts of their bodies. (11 replies)
... Hi. I have been dealing with Neuropathy since January of 2006. I have all of your symptoms but in addition I have muscle spasms which sometimes happen in my knee. Weird place to get a cramp. I started taking Nortriptyline first and alone it did not offer much relief. ... (10 replies)
... I don;t know what i have butwhat is Phenergan for? Is that similar to Kenalog shot? (2 replies)
... I started having horrible spasms after I had a shot of Phenergan at the E.R. That was 6 weeks ago and I was put on Ativan to stop the spasms. ... (2 replies)
... c my body adapts to it and it stops working. ... (15 replies)

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