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... I had all the symptoms but my MRI's did not show scarring. ... (1 replies)
... I had a severe campylobacter jejuni infection that put me in the bed for a week in October. For 3 months after that I had weird "flu-like" aches and muscle pain. I also had twitching and muscle cramps. For the past month I have had a severe burning sensation all over my body especially in my feet :(.... I also have some tingling/numbness in random places that usually comes... (2 replies)
... od puncture wounds from the thorns on the back of my hands. The next evening, I was inside, walked outside, and felt as it it was beginning to sprinkle. It was all over my body. Within the next 24 hours, I began feeling something like electric shocks going through my arms, legs, hands and feet. ... (4 replies)

... ed by the antifungal. my bloodwork came back normal. or could this also be caused by stress because i have been stressing a lot about it. i have no numbness just tingling and pain shooting all over body at random occasions. ... (1 replies)
... severe spasms all over my body, i say it looks like when a baby kicks in the mothers womb,as you can see it moving. ... (1 replies)
... m sorry for posting my story here but i dont know how to make a new thread. k well heres my story... i had a spinal anesthesia done aug 19 and the next day i had tingling in my feet which then spread all over my body.. ... (4 replies)
... my shoulder normally. It was after 2 weeks from the mini surgery when more symptoms started. Right around the end of February, I started to get muscle twictches, all over my body. I also started to get a lot of numbness and tingling in both of my arms. ... (8 replies)
... i am not sure what to do and the tingling is killing me everytime its cold or i dont have enough sleep it happens everyday please advise me of wat i can do? ... (5 replies)
Neurontin users
Jun 13, 2005
... Wow! That cat of yours sounds like a "stinker"! I don't think I would have recovered from that as soon as you did. I have this nerve problem I think all over my body or it seems it is getting there. I am hurting now in my neck and shoulders! I believe the weather has a lot to do with this. We have been having a lot of rain. ... (115 replies)
... To answer your question, I'm not really sure. I have no numbness or tingling - but I do have pain in many places (though not severe) but mostly my calves. This pain comes and goes and it's never gotten to the point where I've even gone for the tylenol (though I was tempted once or twice.) My symptoms during this have changed periodically - don't know at what point it has... (4 replies)
Jan 20, 2003
... Mine has seemed to spread all over my body. My left shoulder has a tingling sensation in it almost all the time now. Go see a neurologist. ... (2 replies)
How DO you feel?
Oct 17, 2002
... Hello, I had a seizure reaction to a medication I was taking for a strained neck. I am now having tingling sensations and some prickling sensations all over my body I have had a cervial MRI taken since then and it was normal. I also had an EMG and will get the results from that soon. The reaction happened in June of this year. I am concerned that this may be something I... (2 replies)
... Thank you for your courage and for writing this letter. I joined this forum on a few days ago and up until then I have felt guilty for feeling pain, lonely and crazy. I don't feel so alone anymore and to me that is huge. I am so glad that you have someone who believes in you and supports you. Don't let her go, she is a keeper. (110 replies)
... I literally went to bed one night in the summer of 1996 feeling fine and work up the next day in pain. It started by 'weird sensations' in my body like cold feet and tingling in my legs. Eventually it morphed into serious pain throughout my entire body. ... (110 replies)
... etter before posting it on this forum and it brings back a lot of painful memories. I wrote it at a time when my pain was literally at it's worst and I had lost all hope that I would ever feel better. Now, 8 months later I have found a great team of doctors who care about me and want to see me get better. ... (19 replies)
Mar 1, 2004
... You might want to research Carpel Tunnel. Are you cutting off the blood flow to your legs or hands at the bend, say at the wrist or knee? Do your legs fall asleep? When you are sitting there at your computer typing are you ergonomically correct? i.e. a pad to rest your arms on, arms at the right height, split keyboard? It could be a matter of cutting off blood flow or it... (3 replies)
Mar 1, 2004
... I have read a few posts and am learning plenty. I am in the middle of testing and won't know all my results till March 11 but just thought I would see what you all thought. ... (3 replies)
... or an answer to what is said to have no answer by several Therapist, Medical Doctors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists. I have had tests for everything imaginable all showing nothing causing my symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... tested for Lyme and taalk to them about small fiber neuropathy although I am not sure if it would be over you whole body? ... (7 replies)
... slight bleeding. For whatever reason, the majority of swelling has gone, but not all by anymeans. ... (7 replies)

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