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... I experienced all this I had a very bad cold that turned into asthma. I'm on medication for the asthma but the cough seems not to want to go away. The tingling, burning and muscle spasms started about two weeks ago. ... (2 replies)
... i suffer from burning sensations in my feet, hands and arms; muscle spasms in pretty much every place in my body; i get daily severe migraines; and yet i seem to do fine when tested for neuropathy. I was wondering what this could possibly be, my neuro said that i could be my brain isn't interpreting signals correctly. If that was the case, then how do i get a proper... (43 replies)
... all the time spasms neck, throat, face, jaw R side... ... (11 replies)

... Hi. I have been dealing with Neuropathy since January of 2006. I have all of your symptoms but in addition I have muscle spasms which sometimes happen in my knee. Weird place to get a cramp. I started taking Nortriptyline first and alone it did not offer much relief. ... (10 replies)
... Laryngeal dsytonia. This type of dystonia which is muscle spasms and it effects the larynx. Do you have any problems with you voice, like your sound is broken or reduced to whispering? ... (11 replies)
... impact fall, merely an awkward one that caught me in the right position. Apart from pain in my arm, I felt fine. Two days later, I started experiencing crippling burning pain in my left shoulder. I beared the pain for a few weeks until it got the best of me and I saw a doctor. ... (0 replies)
... I feel so lost since Prior to these meds I was just on clonazepam but burning all the time... ... (11 replies)
... This one has been the longest and most protracted. Mine, if I have it, is nonlength dependent for sure. Mostly twitching, burning tips of my feet, muscle spasms in toes and forearms, patchiness all over, burning mouth and lips, lots of problems in the trigeminal nerve distribution. ... (24 replies)
... Hi, Hows your burning and tingling? ... (6 replies)
... Hi vital, I take Soma 350 mg 4 x a day for the spasms in my neck. For the nerve damage, I take Neurotin 3600 mg a day which is like 600 mg every 4 hrs and this keeps the burning and extreme pain under control. ... (11 replies)
... like muscle spasms about 4 or 5 months ago. Unfortunately it's progressively getting worse. By worse I mean effecting more areas. It was initially just in my left calf. ... (3 replies)
... Hello Machine, I'm new on here, but like many came here due to my medical issues and such. Remember with Neuropathy the "information" between the specific nerve areas affected and what the brain gets and returns is abnormal vs Radiculopathy, the nerve(s) are responding in proper based on what is irritating them. Neuropathy can be caused by diseases such as diabetes,... (24 replies)
... Hi mom3nene2, I'm new here as well. I'm having my EMG/NCT done on the 24th and was wondering if you had yours done yet and how it went. I'm nervous about it but I know it's necessary in order to determine if I have PN. I just have a sinking feeling it will end up being fine, not point to any neuropathy and I will have gone through it for nothing. And then the docs still won't... (23 replies)
... I feel like I fell off a roof. I still have misfiring nerves which trigger muscle spasms. ... (110 replies)
... of people with panic disorder experience neuropathy, muscle pain as well as a host of other symptoms. ... (14 replies)
Pain Management
Jan 12, 2005
... I have the classic symptoms, from the burning and tingling in the feet, numbness, disequalibrium, chronic muscle weakness and pain and now, we're approaching what may be partial paralysis. ... (0 replies)
Pain Management
Jan 12, 2005
... I have the classic symptoms, from the burning and tingling in the feet, numbness, disequalibrium, chronic muscle weakness and pain and now, we're approaching what may be partial paralysis. ... (5 replies)
... Muscle spasms in my chest, abdomen, shoulders, neck, arms legs and feet. ... (3 replies)
... n my face with a trembling lip, particularly at night, and I would wake up sometimes in a cold sweat. After the heart symptoms subsided I started getting random muscle twitches most everywhere, though most frequently in a thumb or in my toes. It started as a persistent twitch in my left thumb. ... (6 replies)
Vitamin D
Jan 11, 2009
... weight but couldn't so I decided to take myself off of the cause of the weight gain 3 days ago. Since I came off of the trileptal I have noticed an increase in burning so I don't know how long I'll be off. I am thinking that it is the trileptal not the lyrica controlling the burning. Have you ever tried trileptal? ... (3 replies)

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