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... Rubbing my hands together feels foreign. Reaching into my body feels weird. I have trouble knowing how much pressure to apply to open things, turn knobs, etc. Driving is interesting. ... (8 replies)
... Ever since the burning sensation began, I've been taking about 1mg of B12 daily. ... (8 replies)
... I feel so lost since Prior to these meds I was just on clonazepam but burning all the time... ... (11 replies)

... ds and now it's spread into my upper chest. I forgot to mention this latest symptom to my neurologist when I went in about 2 weeks ago, but I occasionally get a sensation like my entire body tenses up and my eyes and tongue are being pulled back into my head. ... (1 replies)
... freezing cold sensation in thighs and burning feet and now hands ..all of this happened in 2005 did every test possible w my neuro and ruled out Ms, lupus etc. ... (0 replies)
... What you are feeling burning and pins and needles sensation are classic signs of small fiber peripheral neuropathy, in which the small C nerve fibers become damaged, reduced, etc. ... (8 replies)
... Hey Motoxtriplex. Thanks for the replies. I forgot to mention two things, first is that I might be anemic, and second is that I use nicotine on occasion, but very rarely anymore (a few cigarettes a year, at most). An update on me: I seem to have recovered. After about 3 days I noticed the numbness wearing off. First my body became less painful (due to wearing clothes or... (8 replies)
... the biggest hit I dont know if it is because the contain the most nerves for sense or if they are at the end the line, in all the literature you read people have burning hands and feet effected the most where even a light touch from the blanket can cause alot of pain. ... (8 replies)
... Can burning and numbness and stabing crushing pain along with loss of balance spread through entire body and feeling distant get worse in 2 yrs time seemingly daily. Loosing sense of taste and smell severe muscle loss and weight. ... (6 replies)
... nd there is still a long road ahead batting SFN...however for now, I'm proud of myself for how far I've come since writing this letter, and I'm happy with how my body feels today. There is hope for all of us, and I pray we all find the treatment we deserve. ... (19 replies)
... Thank you for your courage and for writing this letter. I joined this forum on a few days ago and up until then I have felt guilty for feeling pain, lonely and crazy. I don't feel so alone anymore and to me that is huge. I am so glad that you have someone who believes in you and supports you. Don't let her go, she is a keeper. (110 replies)
... I literally went to bed one night in the summer of 1996 feeling fine and work up the next day in pain. It started by 'weird sensations' in my body like cold feet and tingling in my legs. Eventually it morphed into serious pain throughout my entire body. ... (110 replies)
... nerving because you don't know what's lurking in your body and is it going to get worse? ... (110 replies)
... You did know that marijuana can be laced with cocaine ("Coco Puffs") or other dangerous drugs you presume you are staying away from... Unless you grown it own your own, there's always a dealer who's lacing it with something toxic... Be well.... (8 replies)
... I am a vegetarian with anemia. I am also almost 70 and have diabetic pn. My good fats and bad fats are remarkable great. I would rather suffer from anemia than hardening of the arteries, etc. that comes with eating too much meat, etc. Now, i am more careful with the kind of protein I ingest and found a liquid protein with a yummy taste. the woondog.. (8 replies)
... I would bet it has more to do with the nitrous oxide and pot than a medical problem. I'm not going to lecture either - but you said it all happened while you were under the influence. (8 replies)
... No lecturces, but I find it so interesting that you are so concerned about your health (diet ,multivitamins) and yet you inhale laughing gas. Maybe this experience will teach you something or maybe not. (8 replies)
... on my body not my head. They did blood tests but I don't know which ones. He did some test using electrodes. That was it and so I got diagnosed. ... (45 replies)
... Hi. Well, glad you are doing a follow up dr appointment (is that with your regular doctor)? Let me tell you, even though I love my regular doctor, she doesn't know much about neuropathy. Don't be afraid to go to a neurologist. Your symptoms to me sound unlike others I have heard aside from the burning, stabbing stuff. However, everyone seems to have it a little bit... (3 replies)
... Good advice Jason, thanks for your caring letter. Let me know how the neuro psych turns out because my neuro shares his office with one and I think somebody else mentioned that they are going to the pain clinic and I would be very interested to see how that comes out. I did request for my neuro to send me to a pain clinic, they have one in my hospital, and he blew me off. ... (110 replies)

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