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... The burning sensations were just on my lower legs for the first few months but the burning has moved to all over my body, it is really scaring me and i am waiting for the appointment with the neurologist. ... (8 replies)
... I have burning sensations that move about my body, a prickling kind of pain like a bad sunburn. They can show up anywhere but are mostly in the limbs. ... (2 replies)
... pheripheral neuropathy. When I finally got to see the neurologist he said I had Transverse Myelitis. All the conditions mentioned above say you have tingling and burning sensations in your feet. ... (2 replies)

... I don't know if I'm in the right place, someone suggested my "symptoms" sounded like neuropathy, so I thought I would see if I could get some opinions from you people! I'm 31 years old, and I started having electrical shock-like muscle spasms about 4 or 5 months ago. Unfortunately it's progressively getting worse. By worse I mean effecting more areas. It was initially just in... (3 replies)
... My symptoms are severe burning sensation on both of my lower legs. It is almost constant.. I sometimes seem to get a cold feeling, sort of shiver running down my body. ... (8 replies)
... i suffer from burning sensations in my feet, hands and arms; muscle spasms in pretty much every place in my body; i get daily severe migraines; and yet i seem to do fine when tested for neuropathy. I was wondering what this could possibly be, my neuro said that i could be my brain isn't interpreting signals correctly. If that was the case, then how do i get a proper... (43 replies)
... A year and half ago I went from being pretty healthy to all my joints in my body aching, extreme fatigue in the muscles of my legs and burning sensations in my hands..crawling chill sensations in legs and trunk area. ... (9 replies)
... nd there is still a long road ahead batting SFN...however for now, I'm proud of myself for how far I've come since writing this letter, and I'm happy with how my body feels today. There is hope for all of us, and I pray we all find the treatment we deserve. ... (19 replies)
... can't say for sure because of the fractured L2. That could be the result of her pain and not the neuropathy. I have Small Fiber Neuropathy and have tremendous burning sensations throughout my entire body. It feels like someone has dropped acid in my body and it's making its way through all my veins. ... (2 replies)
... I don't what is going on for the past 3 or 4 years I have had tingling sensations throughout various parts of my body. This has been going on for 3 or 4 years I am now 27. ... (2 replies)
... Hello I am new to this board and I found it while Googling "Neuritis." For years I've had Panic Attacks and I got used to them so when new body sensations come I usually ignore them. However, I started to get these transcient "pins and needle" sensations. ... (2 replies)
... Hi i am also having the same symptom as u and i am suffering in silence.I have visited a neuro and he says that my symptoms are due to anxiety.I been having bloated stomach and gassy stomach as well as tingling,burning sensation.pain behind the ears (sensitivity to sound) and electric shocks all over my body.I do not know what to do any advise ? (5 replies)
Aug 4, 2007
... I took lyrica for treatment of foot and total body burning sensations, did not feel it was working, gave same feelings of being dizzy, but no weight gaining. I never weigh more than 132 regardless of what i eat or do. ... (7 replies)
Sharing my case
Feb 10, 2010
... It continued to weird numbness, tingling, burning sensations, pins and needles, water in my toes, you name it. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, your burning pain sounds like nerve issues. ... (3 replies)
... Hi I'm a 27 year old female that has been experiencing weird sensations all over my body for about 2 weeks now. First let me tell you that before I experienced all this I had a very bad cold that turned into asthma. ... (2 replies)
... Hi everyone, the doctors have determined that I have limited autonomic neuropathy of unknown cause as the cause of many of my ***zare symptoms (nausea, bloating, burning in my stomach, constipation, tingling & itching & burning sensations over my whole body, severe pain in my shoulders, extreme sensitivity to sound). Anyways, another common element to all my symptoms is mild,... (5 replies)
... Hi tangerine49, I've never heard of B6 induced PN. I hope someone comes along that has knowledge in this area to offer advice, info, or support. I can't speak to any of your thyroid issues, but I have all the symptoms of PN. You asked about exact symptoms of it and if you look at all the threads under the Neuropathy topic, you'll find a great deal of them that people have... (17 replies)
... Hello to all ! I hope that anybody out there with a rare type of neuropathy called Small nerve fiber neuropathy can help me. So far this is the closest to the symptoms I have been having for the last several months. I am in debilitating pain. It is severly effecting my life. MY story can be found in the next page under my name and heading "do I have PN or RSD" I have... (1 replies)
... you may want to look into thoracic outlet syndrome(upper extremity only though) (3 replies)

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