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... ulnar nerve from THAT level where it actually starts? ... (13 replies)
... it should at the very least show what could be impacted in there from the fracture or even other possible crappy stuff that can simply just 'be" in our c spines down to the nerve root and cord levels too? ... (13 replies)
... it just has that potential, but actually trying to see what just 'may' actually help with the more out of the box type of pain you are having that does not really always respond to only narcotics really well? ... (13 replies)

Nerve pain
Jan 25, 2007
... last year. right now I am having nerve pain that comes and goes. It starts at either shoulder then can go to my wrist, arm or fingers It is not really bad, but just annoying. ... (0 replies)
Nerve pain?
Nov 14, 2007
... OT actually even fused,despite what that ct stated about it.a flex and ext x ray is a pretty good way of actually proves much better and easier in the c spine area but can tell lower down if it is in the lumbar. ... (1 replies)
... hi, i was taking cybalta for nerve pain, i have rsd or so the doc says. it's a workers comp case i have been fighting since 2000. i had my 4th c spine surgury in nov 05 and as a result, the doc hit my spinal cord and now i have the burning pain, wind and cold hurt and my finger tips are numb. ... (16 replies)
... the biggest thing you really need to know for certain is just where the ulnar nerve is actually being compromised this stemming from you c spine or some other issue along the nerve itself? ... (4 replies)
... never actually had to have a nerve biopsy but i would tend to have to agree with you. ... (5 replies)
... temp. relief. I had many EMGs, nothing showed up, MRIs all looked ok. I finally, After 4 yrs in pain I had exploritory sergury done. They foundthe groove in the elbow was a little damaged, they cleaned it up and all was fine for about 7 mths. ,The pain returned. ... (9 replies)
... the big thing about sciatica,it isn't always an actual compression that casues the pain but more inflammation,which would NOT show up on an MRI or with an EMG. ... (4 replies)
... ave had three MRIs in an attempt to specifically diagnose where the problem is. An MRI of my left elbow showed no swelling, marrow edema, or disruption of ulnar nerve signaling within the cubital tunnel. An MRI of my left brachial plexus showed nothing out of the ordinary. ... (9 replies)
... Have any of you been going to Physical Therapy with specific exercises to try and help the nerve. I've had some arm/ulnar pain as well lately, I'm hopeing its all muscle related, but part of me wonders if more is going on, perhaps in the T-Spine. The physical therapy, particually the exercises that help stretch out the muscles and the nerve seems to help, but at the same... (4 replies)
... Yes the doctor cleared the c spine. I had an EMG on both arms before surgery and he was satisfied the problem was in the ulnar nerve. Sorry, I left that out didn't I? ... (3 replies)
... if this was me, i would most definietly be getting that MRI done on your c spine area. ... (5 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Thoracic outlet syndrome about three months ago. The symptoms you are discribing sound alot like mine. You have not mentioned any arm pain or arm weakness so not to sure weather this could be it or not. I have both as well as other symptoms. ... (11 replies)
... have they ever done just a contrasted MRI on your c spine just to see if this problem may actually be stemming right from the very 'base' of operations so to speak? ... (7 replies)
... this does sound like it is probaly in all likelyhood,stemming from the lower part of your c spine.the ulnar nerve IS the c 8 nerve at the very end ofyour c spine right before the T spine begins,tho you do not actually have a c 8 vertebrae,you DO have a c 8 nerve. ... (5 replies)
... he heck these docs could realistically atribute these types of paresthesias to plain old muscle issues.there appears to most definitely be some level of crainial nerve involvement going on in either the facial area itself,but most likely the c spine area. ... (9 replies)
... ccomend you having your C spine done most definitely,what you have been describig really does sound like it could be stemming from some sort of issue within your C spine and not attributed to just the shingles or PN. ... (22 replies)
... depending upon just what 'type" of real accident this was it could, if the c spine was impacted as well, also be contributing to the wrist issues too? ... (3 replies)

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