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Apr 5, 2004
... and what others have told me a lot depends on who is doing the test. I work with five wonderful doctors but their are only four of them I would let near me for an EMG! My advice is to make sure you you get it done no matter what if you are told you need it. ... (25 replies)
New to Forum
Jun 26, 2012
... Hello everyone I'm new to this forum. I would like to share my current experiences and see if anyone can offer me some advice. My name is Nick and I'm 35 years old. ... (2 replies)
... One of my friends had an anterior hip replacement as well and developed similar problems. ... (5 replies)

... (4 replies)
... I am new to this board, but after being put through so much agony these past several months...I could use all the help and advice anyone can give me here. HELP! I have been diagnosed by my Neurologist as having neuropathy. ... (4 replies)
... urgery was five months ago, March 28, 2012 here in Kentucy. I'm a small size female in decent condition, age 67. Almost as soon as I woke, I knew something was wrong with my foot. My surgeon was Mr. Pollyanna, saying all would be fine. ... (5 replies)
... (3 replies)
... ficulty in breathing. These symptoms went away for a couple of months only to have different ones come in their place. Anyway at first, I thought I had something wrong with my lungs so my Doctor sent me to a heart and lung specialist. ... (3 replies)
Motor vs sensory
Mar 13, 2010
... NCV test where there was some abnormal stuff, that the tester named "sequels of a Pure Motor polyneuropathy of etiology to be determined". ... (7 replies)
... aware of. Her foot started flapping one day she noticed it walking. about the same period, she started having hip pain. Doctor MRI'd and CT scanned, sent her to an orthopedic specialist who put her on prednisone for 3 weeks. ... (24 replies)
... Hi Teteri66, thanks so much for the dermatome map information. It is an interesting tool to read about and does show the area's I am having pain at. ... (8 replies)
... Because they can give a real insight to us with "alternative" or no definitive diagnose yet on an specific presentation that I've read in many undiagnosed cases, like mine, which I want to clear out if it's common to REAL neuropathic cases. ... (0 replies)
... I usually post on the Back board but wanted to add a couple comments. Your comments, Las Vegas girl, indicate to me that your back issues could be causing the type of pain you are describing. ... (8 replies)
... ribe it sound more likely that you have a herniated disk. But their is even a possibility that you have stenosis which doesn't give much room for the nerves and can also cause these problems as well. The neurologist will probably send you for an MRI or CT Scan. ... (6 replies)
... From what I've read SFN is one of the most difficult things to diagnose, not because of the tests, in fact a skin biopsy and the test they gave you, can confirm it rather easily. ... (8 replies)
Sfn and ?
Mar 4, 2013
... nce everything came out normal, she looks at me as though I am making this up. She mailed my results and said to get off sugar and exercise more. Hellooo.....I can barely walk these days. ... (29 replies)
... Reading TinaBB's post I can see that she is taking a lot of the "right stuff" for neuropathy issues, and still has some days up some days down. Pretty much like me. ... (34 replies)
Sfn and ?
Mar 4, 2013
... Well, I also went thru the ringer like you are to be dx. I started to think I was nuts. But I am not a hypocondraic and normal pain level I can handle more than most so I knew it was not my head there was something really wrong with me. ... (29 replies)
... but if you simply look up what is called the "brachial plexus' or even peripheral innervation, you can see what i am talking about. its just a whole different thing when you get into that c spine level when innervation is invlolved. ... (13 replies)
... I've been seeing the neuro for about 9 months now, and she's about to refer me to a Rheumatologist. Seems now to be humoring me. ... (6 replies)

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