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... osteopenia, osteoarthritis, chronic back pain, myofascial pain syndrome, possible fibromyalgia. ... (5 replies)
... I'm sorry you are in pain. Hope you get some meds soon. Pain (any chronic pain) = stress. Your body systems automatically tries to run to the rescue and fix whatever is wrong..even when it dosen't know what to fix. This over working of the systems makes us tired and is hard on our systems. YEP, pain can wear you out. (7 replies)
... diabetic Neuropathy. I have to go for more tests. But the chronic fatigue that goes along with this burning ache in my legs is driving me nuts. ... (7 replies)

... ff. For now until we get the results of the latest bloodwork he just said to stay off my elbows, take a vitamin supplement and followup with my GP regarding the fatigue and joint pain. ... (11 replies)
... It was an allergy to gluten. The stuff can cause severe gastric problems that prevents the body from absorbing nutrients, specific to neuropathy is B12. The wild part is that there were no symptoms before the neuropathy hit. ... (7 replies)
... However there are lots of other forms of Neuropathy haveing nothing to do with Diabeties. Many are terribley painful. Many times the cause is unknown. ... (7 replies)
... rescription medication, namely those two. I want to know what's wrong, and I'm so tired of having the type of problems that I do, and not having any answers. The neuropathy is just sensations and pain, and sometimes I feel like my insides are on fire, but that stupid tingling drives me up the wall. I'm sick of it. ... (11 replies)
... I have definitely improved but the daily nausea I still deal with but it is not nearly as bad and then the neuropathy is there everyday now, which that started up on a daily basis back in October I think it was. ... (5 replies)
... What does your Doctor mean when they say you have "non- diabetic Neuropathy" Do they give a cause? (7 replies)
... (21 replies)
... up including tests for Lyme Disease, HIV, Lupus, etc...which were all negative except the EMG confirmed both sensory and motor neuropathy in all four limbs and MRIs showed chronic sinusitis. ... (21 replies)
... seeker because I would ask for pain meds for my pain. I finally got so upset I quit going to the doctors and proceeded to live the next 13 years of my life with chronic pain and no treatment. It was a nightmare! ... (11 replies)
... Read on: My experience, related below, ended with good news! I have just been tentatively diagnosed with something called Celiac disease. It is a profound, inherited intolerance to the gluten in wheat, barley, rye, and oats. I cannot eat even a minicule amount. This diagnosis also explains my peripheral neuropathy (confirmed by EMG). I have noted for many years increasing... (11 replies)
... hi, my immunologist said he will be refering me to a neurologist because he thinks i have neuropathy. can anyone tell me if any of these symptoms sounds familiar and how do they test for neuropathy? i get stinging pains all over my body, i cannot touch electrical products such as t.v, video, stereo because i get bad stinging in my fingers, i get real bad stinging in the souls... (3 replies)
Jun 15, 2010
... anxiety can accelerate the burning in neuropathy patients, but once calmed down again the burning remains but to a lessor degree, doesn't go away completly. ... (4 replies)
Jun 12, 2010
... There's more but these are the main things. Can I pin any of these on neuropathy and remove it from my list of the unknown. I have the obvious neuropathy symptoms, tingling, burning, cramped feet and legs. Pain. ... (4 replies)
... rontin and lidocaine patches. They think that I am relapsing due my pregnancy, I am 29 weeks pregnant, so any therapy is pretty much out of the picture. I feel fatigue but who knows if it is the neuropathy or the baby. The numbness never really got to me but this pain is horrible. Have you ever felt anything like it? ... (30 replies)
... Hi, your burning pain sounds like nerve issues. I would start by seeing a MS specialist to rule this out. You said you had a brain MRI but did not mention if they did your spine. Some people with MS have no lesions in their brain but have them in their spine. Plus there are numerous tests they can run to rule out other conditions. In addition, a neurologist can run a... (3 replies)
... uneasy about it, so I decided to go outside the box a little and went to see a respected acupuncturist. I've never fine this before, she told me that I have had chronic acidosis for many years and basically created all my ailments with my diet, mind you I don't smoke or drink or do drugs. ... (43 replies)
... Though I have never had a drink of any sort, I feel as though we have many similar symptons. I too had mercury removal performed. I only had it removed from the side of my mouth where I was having extreme jaw pain. Unfortunately, I have seen no relief after the mercury removal. Keep us posted on here from time to time. Good news is always welcomed here on the boards! (21 replies)

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