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... freezing cold sensation in thighs and burning feet and now hands ..all of this happened in 2005 did every test possible w my neuro and ruled out Ms, lupus etc. finally went away for 9 months to come back yearly for a few weeks .. ... (0 replies)
Jan 21, 2007
... I am not sure if this is the right area! It's been almost a year since I started developing these symptoms. The first symptom was my feet feeling Cold and I thought my socks were damp. I changed them and it didn't help. This continued over the next month. ... (0 replies)
... hey are going to the pain clinic and I would be very interested to see how that comes out. I did request for my neuro to send me to a pain clinic, they have one in my hospital, and he blew me off. ... (110 replies)

... her hear what you're trying to say. I would be beside myself if I didn't have access to pain meds. As I said in my first post, I don't know how I lived for so long without them. ... (110 replies)
... Can burning and numbness and stabing crushing pain along with loss of balance spread through entire body and feeling distant get worse in 2 yrs time seemingly daily. Loosing sense of taste and smell severe muscle loss and weight. ... (6 replies)
... It was in 93 maybe. ... (45 replies)
... proud of myself for taking this first step towards getting better. I also felt like I had some ammunition to force my future doctors to hear me before seeing me in their office for the first time. This letter was my voice and I felt it was so important for any doctor to read it before seeing me. ... (19 replies)
... I woke up two weeks ago now with a tingling and numbness sensation in my heels. The next day it was my whole feet and by the third day it has gone up to the back of my knees. ... (6 replies)
... en a very long and wearing rehab process to regain my capacity to stand straight. i am about as good as i will get right now balance wise and worry about loosing sensation in my feet in terms of balance. ... (14 replies)
... Also, have any of you had vascular imaging done in the areas affected by neuropathy? ... (0 replies)
... The cold feet burstin' into flames deal is what I was suffering from first for a couple years. ... (3 replies)
... In October of 04 my feet began burning and down from my left knee. My knees also hurt unbelievably to kneel on. I couldn't stand to wear shoes, even socks. ... (0 replies)
... My symptoms are a constant burning, buzzing sensations in my feet that have slowly progressed up my thighs. I have electrical shooting pains that come out of nowhere and take my breath away. ... (3 replies)
... en I have felt guilty for feeling pain, lonely and crazy. I don't feel so alone anymore and to me that is huge. I am so glad that you have someone who believes in you and supports you. Don't let her go, she is a keeper. ... (110 replies)
... I literally went to bed one night in the summer of 1996 feeling fine and work up the next day in pain. It started by 'weird sensations' in my body like cold feet and tingling in my legs. Eventually it morphed into serious pain throughout my entire body. ... (110 replies)
... Basically I had a weird feeling in my penis area a few years ago and it spread to my right leg, a kind of numby tingly sensation and ive had another kind of weird sensation in my right leg since, i cant describe it too well. ... (6 replies)
... hot sensation. Scalding hot baths help as long as I can stand to be in the tub. If anyone else has any ideas, PLEASE submit them. ... (11 replies)
... Developed it while I lived in Orlando, Flordia. ... (7 replies)
Symptoms of SFN
Sep 20, 2013
... I would like to hear from others what the symptoms of small fiber neuropathy are? Neuro thought I had peripheral polyneuropathy but nerve conduction studies have ruled this out. I am not sure that sfn fits my symptoms. 1) loss of feeling in my fingertips 2) intermittent numbness, tingling, pins and needles in hands and feet 3) numbness in some toes 4) overall loss... (6 replies)
... leaves me breathless sometimes i just want to cry i thought it was arthritis when it first started but have been checked for it because i am always really stiff in my knees hips lower back and feet can neuropathy make you really stiff ? ... (4 replies)

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