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... if performed within 24 hours from start of the compression, is possibly to save the nerve by releasing the pressure inside the compartment. The key is when the compartment syndrom is diagosed and when the surgery is performed. ... (12 replies)
... I had a traumatic compartment syndrome on July 8 2007 and a fasciotomy to open the anterior compartment to reduce pressure was two days after, which was too late to save the peroneal nerve. Right now I am having foot drop. ... (6 replies)
... I had a fracture in my tibial plateau on July 8 2007, which lead anterior compartment syndrome. Unfortunately, it was not diagnozed until two days after the initial compression and foot drop was noticed before a fasciotomy was performed. ... (12 replies)

... I'm new to this forum but thought my case may later offer some suggestions to those suffering from foot drop, compartment sydrome, and peroneal nerve damage. ... (12 replies)
... g more damage. After six hours of surgery, a plate, and fourteen screws i was finally put back together. The next evening, i had to have emergency surgery from compartment syndrome as well and lost part of my calf muscle from the damage. Four days later i had my final surgery to getmy leg closed up ending with skin grafts. ... (12 replies)
... scle in my leg was dead causing the nerve to not send pulses down to my foot. They removed the dead muscle. That was about 8 days ago. I still can not move my foot or feel between my 1st two toes. How could the EMG and nerve test have been completely wrong about the nerve? ... (12 replies)
... I have been monitoring various message boards about foot drop because my four year old daughter has it due to an unexplained injury. She had nerve surgery one and a half years ago and has shown questionable improvement. ... (12 replies)
... I don't know if this will help, but when I had foot drop, it was caused by compartment syndrome, which compressed the nerves and caused a major muscle to liquify. ... (6 replies)
... e was really nothing there two months post op.i would seriously speak with your dpc about at least trying some level of PT just to see if it could help with that foot drop.i was also able to regain my ability to walk with the left leg just by ALOT of acute rehab. ... (12 replies)
... I also have foot drop but mine is a result of right total hip replacement surgery on 9/11/07. I've had no improvement and my surgeon told me that we'll have a nerve conduction study and EMG done at the 6-month mark but I just found the website of a surgeon in Houston and after reading that, I'm wondering if waiting will cause more problems. He does a nerve transfer rather... (12 replies)
... who performed the surgery told me that both my deep peroneal nerve and the muscle in the anterior compartment are damaged and it is very unlikely the nerve would come back. ... (12 replies)
... Thank you for the advice: tendon transfer should be the last resort. I have started PT with focus on recovering the peroneal nerve. It basically involves moving the toes/foot upwards passively and building the muscle strength. I am also given electric stimulations. I am also waiting to see a nurosurgeon in two weeks and possibly will have a MRI on the nerve to understand... (12 replies)
... i have a tendon transfer. i had a bad football accident 4 years ago. life is nearly normal. i can jog, run, jump and do alot of things i havnt been able to since the injury. man thing is, walking is nearly back to normal so it doesnt look like you have a "gimp" anymore. (12 replies)
... Did the doctor check the nerve in the ankle area where you had a lot of pain? In any case, you need to see a neurologist or even a different doctor. The last, prepare to collect all medical records as you may be able to sue the responsible doctor for malpractice. (12 replies)
... it really sounds like you are coveraing all your bases here and that is really good for need to find this stuff out before consenting to any type of surgery,ya know?any surgical intervention,espescially at the level you are contemplating ahould always be kind of the last resort and not a quick first choice.if there is no possible way that any PT would help at all in... (12 replies)

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