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... I have Type II and assume I have diabetic neuropathy as I do have some areas that feel partially numb. But I also have degenerative disk disease & have various bulging/herniated disks. My problem is constant, individual pin ***** sensations that occur anywhere on my skin, but mostly in the lower half of my body. Some are not too painful, like being stuck lightly with the... (4 replies)
... I have constant pins and needles and some pain in right arm and tips of middle and index fingers for 5 months. Pain in right upper arm. On 1200mg neurontin a day only helping slightly. ... (2 replies)
... I have had lots of weird symptoms lately, but the one that is bothering me the most right now is an almost constant pins and needles feeling in my head or scalp and face. Does anyone know what can cause this? ... (1 replies)

... pm for some reason, when I get random fire sensations and shocks. Heavy cold packs seem to help, along with with constant elevation. I am going for a consultation to have a lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block, as a trial before having an ammonia ablation of that nerve. ... (1 replies)
... I have constant pins & needles in my right foot for a few months. Sometimes it has the sensation of being cold, but not cold to the touch. I have an appointment with the doc, but am wondering what could cause this in one foot instead of both. I feel fine otherwise. Thanks (1 replies)
Finger tingling
Dec 9, 2009
... Hi all...I'm a newbie here, and would love some discussion. I have had herniated discs at C5-6 & T8-9 for a few years now. General course of therapy is anti-inflammatories, pain pills when needed, and Skelaxin. Also, have had epidural steroid injections in both areas. Most recently, we have switched to facets procedure in cervical spine, due to the fact Dr. feels cracking &... (0 replies)
... Greetings. Yesterday evening while I was at my computer, I came to realize I had pins and needles all over my left arm, from the elbow down. I thought it had fallen asleep so I changed position, shook it out, etc. It's still there, after approx. 12 hrs. ... (1 replies)
... Hi. I have had pins and needles in left foot for over two years. Took cipro for infection and believe this may be cause. Constant pins and needles which I've just dealt with. This week, now behind my ankle is constant pulsating, like a cell phone. It's driving me crazy. All day and night. ... (43 replies)
... For a week now I have been getting tingling pins and needles sensation in my upper back towards the left of my spine. sometimes it goes numb and it is pretty constant. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, Please help. I am going to try to make this long list of symptoms short without leaving anything out. I am 29/female My smptoms started about 3 months ago & have gotten so bad so fast. It started out with tingling pins & needles in my legs, that started to get more frequent, to the point where I would have it everytime i sat down & crossed my legs. Then I started... (4 replies)
... Dolly, I have Radial nerve compression from sleeping in a reclining chair...sometimes a strong or constant pressure in just the right (or should I say wrong) place is just enough to cause some temporary damage to the nerve. Yours should probably regenerate itself quickly, but may take some time. My hand is almost completely limp, but my Dr. is confident that it will heal in... (2 replies)
... t there is a very raw nerve in the underside middle of the stem of this finger, exactly where I was pressing against the pump. If I happen to touch this spot the pins and needles sensations seems to explode as if I were hitting my funny bone. ... (2 replies)
... I have severe, debilitating, constant, pins and needles pain in my left foot. Oftentimes my forefoot will spasm and contract to one side continuously for hours. ... (2 replies)
... ron supplements about a week and so far no difference, if anything he is having more pains. She said it could take 2 weeks for the iron to kick in. It is almost constant pain for him because the stings are coming so frequently. ... (6 replies)
... Hi guys, I am looking for any info or advice. Please =) Here are my symptoms: *Headache (in the back of my head) *Right arm numbness, burning, and constant pins and needles feeling * neck pain( mostly around c5-c6) more dominant on the right side. * When my arm has the burning sensation I get slightly dizzy and nauseous. * Shoulder falls asleep (0 replies)
... Hi everyone I'm new to this board, but have found all of your stories so interesting. I have a question about neuropathy.... Is it possible to have neuropathy if I've had a negative emg? I have many of the symptoms....pins & needles in feet (constant), muscle spams in legs, weakness, several know the drill. The only other test I've had done is vitamin B12,... (6 replies)
... If I stand on the ball of my left foot my leg shakes uncontrollably. It feels like I have constant pins and needles in my foot now. ... (2 replies)
... I am in constant pain, usually increasing at night, or after walking or standing a few minutes. ... (0 replies)
... i have benign intercranial hypertension in short fluid on brain had 188 lumber punctures tried drugs to control pressure didnt work,i had shunt fitted great when works but had to have 14 revisions of shunt due to comming out or infection mrsa,meningitus etc they have damaged 2 vertebre on spine causing severe pain in back down left leg constant pins and needles and severe... (0 replies)
... The other night my toes began tingling while I was at work. The lower part of my left leg and hands also experienced pins and needles. ... (1 replies)

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