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... I severed my ulnar nerve about 3 months ago, just above my left elbow. How is everyone progressing on their recovery? ... (29 replies)
... they cleaned it up and all was fine for about 7 mths. ,The pain returned. After theoropy the pain was worst they did get another apinion. The 2 nd. surgery they cut the bone out to relieve the nerve, that worked for about 1 yr. The nerve is now blocked worst, the last step is nerve transposition. I desperat for relief. ... (9 replies)
... They cut through small peripheral nerves when they do the surgery, and that's why we can go numb, but feeling should be restored eventually. The nerves grow back slowly. ... (38 replies)

... adhesions. Also moved the nerve over? ... (13 replies)
... I've been searching for information regarding ulnar nerve damage since my 9 yr old son put his arm through plate glass 5 weeks ago severing the ulnar nerve. Surgery to repair the nerve and the deep cut to his forearm close to the elbow was performed the morning after the incident. ... (29 replies)
... After 2 surgeries to my elbow, transposition of the ulnar nerve and release now the nerve is just under the skin, this causes a lot of pain when pressure is applied and tingling, numbness to fingers. ... (0 replies)
... spread my fingers. Six days after the endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery a Guyon's canal release and ulnar nerve neurolysis was performed. ... (0 replies)
... I had slipped my leg and fall into window glass on 17 oct 2013.And had a cut on my ulnar nerve.The wound was closed on same day and a Surgery to join ulnar nerve was done within a week. ... (29 replies)
... e my bones were too large. When I woke up from the surgery both times I found out that instead of moving it like they told me they were goinng to do they instead cut the bones on the inside of each elbow. This was supposed to stop them beeing pinched. ... (1 replies)
... ack of my arm, along with some numbness in my elbow. The pain and tingling to my is gone however...but, I am still having some MAJOR pain at the elbow where the nerve is. I cannot put any pressure on it at all because it feels like it is tearing inside. ... (0 replies)
... I had that surgery 5 weeks ago today. They were just supposed to move the ulnar nerve but the nerve was so stretched out that they had to cut the muscles and then move the nerve. ... (21 replies)
... ed my problem to ulnar nerve entrapment orthopedic md neurologists md i had varying degrees of trust with md brain surgeon md said was cevical bone spur touching nerve i did not think it was that wanted to do cervical cortisone opted out. ... (10 replies)
... My surgeon told me a month after my surgery that my ulnar nerve was damaged during my fall. My fracture was comminuted and parts of the bone damaged my ulnar nerve that it was almost cut off. I asked him that if it was the ulnar nerve that was damaged then why is my whole hand affected? ... (0 replies)
... is almost unavoidable when we face such pain and fear about the continued degeneration of our very hand. But no one who has not experienced severe and constant nerve pain can possibly understand. That is what makes me so frustrated dealing with the medical establishment. ... (29 replies)
... From what my surgeon told me, there is no improvement to be expected until the nerve has fully grown back and reconnected with your hand. ... (5 replies)
... t the very least show what could be impacted in there from the fracture or even other possible crappy stuff that can simply just 'be" in our c spines down to the nerve root and cord levels too? ... (13 replies)
... I think in your case an emg would indeed pick up the DO definitely have some sort of compression going on along that nerve somewhere just due to the fact that your pinky is curling.this will let you know for sure whats up. ... (5 replies)
... I have a very active lifestyle, growing all my own vegetables and fruit, and basically living off the land. I chop and carry my own firewood, although my sons cut and deliver it. I tell them that i want to do as much as possible, so they let me be as independent as I can be. ... (29 replies)
... I had been born with something called scalenus anticus syndrome. Seems that whenever I raised my arm it caused the shoulder muscle to pinch my blood vessels and nerve against my collar bone, causing me all of the pain in my right arm. The blood was pooling at that site on the collar bone. ... (5 replies)
... i hope so...but i also have a deep cut in ring finger, which is pretty much useless now (29 replies)

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