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... OK Terri,get your finger out of your mouth. (HAHA) I know it's wierd,but it's difficult for US to do without keeling over on our buns.We all must have have a little laff as we're coping with this d--m problem. Went to my primary Doc today,reminded her I needed some Zocor samples,I told her before I won't take them @ $30.00 a co-pay,So I get them FREE. (YAHOO) She asked what... (23 replies)
... The Cymbalta withdrawal pain exists. ... (7 replies)
... The next step is to see if Cymbalta really works. ... (7 replies)

... rted to learn the connection between statins and neuropathy. My mom is a very healthy 73 year old and cancer servivor, and is now trying to find answers to her neuropathy in her feet. We understand that the chemo had a side effect of neuropathy. She finished her chemo in April of this year. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, I am new to this forum. I was diagnosed with diabetic peripheral neuropathy in August of 2012. I was put on Gabapentin and Nortriptylene. I am at 600 mg three times per day of Gabapentin and was only on 10 mg of notriptylene. ... (5 replies)
... mg of Gabapentin a day which is a massive amount of it. It helps some I guess because without it I can't even get out of bed. I also have Fibromyalgia and my Neuropathy was diagnosed as unknown Peripheral Neuropathy. ... (29 replies)
... This type of neuropathy is less common, and it doesn't show up on an EMG test. SFN also can affect all parts of your body, including your bladder, heart, intestines, etc. ... (11 replies)
... What a nice surprise to log in and see your note!! As far as having someone strong in my life, no. I have loving parents and siblings, but they don't really understand. I also have two grown boys who don't get it either. I am married. My husbands job takes him out of town for 3 weeks out of every month. But he's going through a midlife crisis or something, alcoholic,... (3 replies)
... I have been treated for this with Endep at night for a few years now, first at 10mg about 1 year ago my Neurologist increased to 50mg. She also started me on Cymbalta 60 at the same time taken in the morning. A month ago I mentioned to her that I wasn't sure the Cymbalta was having much effect? ... (5 replies)
... Hi Ruby and Rising Parrot, When my symptoms started to appear bottom-up,traversed from my arms and legs fully "asleep" when I would wake up in any position, muscle weakness and twitching was next in line for me, blurred vision,and it did affect my coordination only a bit, up until this day. The walk on glass feeling appeared when I would walk on a mere carpet. There were 3... (24 replies)
... ue for me, as what Rising Parrot and others with balance problems go through is even a whole lot more to deal with. Also, as to pain, my combo of Gabapentin and Cymbalta keep me pretty much pain free. ... (24 replies)
... My mom has been prescribed Cymbalta for her Neuropathy. She doesn't have any pain, it's just numbness on the balls of her feet. ... (1 replies)
... The cause of neuropathy can be mixed, ie, both genetic AND from something else, often something treatable. ... (5 replies)
... I understand too well what feeling at the end of your rope feels like. It's funny how that rope keeps stretching longer and longer, as we learn newer and better coping strategies. I hope you have someone strong in your life, and that your disease might be milder or slower in progression, than mine. Do you have a firm diagnosis? If so would you post your circumstances. Besides... (3 replies)
... cymbalta is going to have little effect on neuropathy it may address the pain issues, but not the root cause. ... (7 replies)
Cymbalta Helps SFN
Apr 17, 2012
... I want to share my latest experience with Cymbalta in hopes it helps someone else. I had taken Cymbalta for close to 3 years, ever since I was diagnosed with SFN. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Cactus al, It is easy to have days where you feel so bad that you can't imagine life being any more miserable. Then you run across amazing people, like yourself, that gives you a different perspective on your life. My brother did two tours in Nam and suffers from agent orange. He is lucky to have lived through all of that and still be alive, like yourself. After... (38 replies)
... thanks for the info i tried cynbalta and can afford lyrica. lifes not too bad still able to work most days and have a great husband at home to help god bless powerball would be great cocoa (38 replies)
... Cocoa. I want to reply to your situation on neuropathy. I have diabetic peripheral neuropathy which was brought on by agent orange during my running thru the jungle of Vietnam. ... (38 replies)
... sure the neuropathy started from nerve damage in my lower back. the pain began in my right foot and then after 2 epidurals for my bulging disc, it spread bodywide within weeks. ... (25 replies)

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