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... ng in in my genitals and i do not know when i have bowel movements due to the surgery.I am also taking Cymbalta 30mg morning and night for sciatic pain and other nerve pain, along with Neurotin 900mg 4 x a day,Flexiral 10mg 4 x a day i do understand the being sleepy all the time . ... (16 replies)
... I just started Cymbalta last week 30mg...starting on 60mg tomorrow. Finding a little relief, but not alot. ... (16 replies)
... It sounds like you are facing a lifetime of medications for pain. Lyrica is a good drug for nerve pain an may help a great deal in combination with cymbalta or a narcotic if the situation is serious enough. ... (4 replies)

... I suffer with nerve problems in both my feet as well. It is going on 6 years now, one rhuemy and 2 neurologists and no help. ... (7 replies)
Sep 2, 2005
... Has anyone tried this drug for nerve problems? ... (7 replies)
... I have seen a neurologist. He took a few different kind of test, even a skin biopsy and everything came back normal. Since burning is a sign of nerve problems, he thought maybe I may have nerve iritation. So he put me on Cymbalta, 30mg a day starting a week ago Friday. ... (8 replies)
... with emphasis on nerve pain. ... (3 replies)
... Neurologist takes all the test and they come back normal, no nerve damage. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Folks I wonder if any one has the same problem. I have SFN in my feet (intolerable pain) and unusually my Trigeminal Nerve causing pain in my forehead and face. I take 120mg Duloxetine (Cymbalta) 300 Mg Lyrica (2 replies)
... negative for RA but extremely high Rheumatoid factor so I'm in testing mode right now while they try to figure it all out. I can't help feeling the neurological problems and the arthritis are related somehow! ... (9 replies)
... y made appointment with neurologist myself after waking up with a "dead" arm. He ran all the usual tests. Nothing unusual on MRI, but electrical testing showed nerve damage, so was then diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. I had a spinal tap done in December and am still waiting for the results. ... (3 replies)
... ct my coordination only a bit, up until this day. The walk on glass feeling appeared when I would walk on a mere carpet. There were 3 instances where I pulled my nerve while running and walking in in the back of my leg, one time it was very serious and I couldn't walk normally for weeks. ... (24 replies)
... or balance problems, severely abnormal nerve conduction and EMG tests, showing many nerves absent. My legs move ok for awhile, then turn to lead and make walking a challenge. ... (3 replies)
... I have heard stories and read about the oils regenerating nerve ending Fluids yadda yadda, I Found no difference in my condition when trying them. Probably doesn't hurt to take them. ... (2 replies)
... eet, lower legs and skin all over my body. Wearing clothes or taking a shower is painful. I just had my right big toe removed due to fungus and my left is having problems growing after I removed it. ... (0 replies)
... doing an epidural on the 31st and he has agreed to prescribe the oxycodone 10mg 4 times a day. I feel pretty good with Lyrica 300mg twice a day the oxycodone and cymbalta 30mg twice a day. My pain meter is about a 6 which is bearable. My feet are still numb and I occasionally stumble from hang foot. ... (3 replies)
... Carnitine, 3 times a day, and 300mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid, 3 times a day. I sometimes think, as these are excellent supplements that do offer some nerve support, that had I received this prescription 20 years ago, it might have made a difference in where I am now. ... (3 replies)
Not SFN After All
Jan 23, 2014
... He never did a nerve biopsy to confirm the diagnosis because he said the nerve fibers could be something like compressed, thickened, or whatever due to my age and the test wouldn't be definitive. ... (5 replies)
... This type of neuropathy affects the small fiber nerves, and it doesn't show up on a nerve conduction test. Many neurologist are not very familiar with SFN. ... (3 replies)
... I get nerve blocks done also, which are so scarey! needle injections in my neck, to calm the nerves in my arm and hand!!! and they hurt like you know what! ... (24 replies)

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