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... I also take Cymbalta for nerve pain but with that I take Topamax for neve pain. So it is hard to tell which if either works alone! ... (7 replies)
... I have a history of swelling in this foot but not this bad. It has never been properly diagnosed. ... (5 replies)
... Thank you for both of your replies to both my posts and I'm sorry for your struggles. As for my story. About 3 months ago I thought I developed what was an overuse injury to my inner ankle/foot from exercise. I stopped the exercise but it didn't get better and so after a week then of being in bed with extreme pain I went to the orthopedic who put me in air cast and did bone... (9 replies)

... lyrica can cause swelling. my neuro had me back off the dose for a few days then try again. I also take cymbalta. What do you mean it's a crazy drug? (5 replies)
... yes Lyrica can cause swelling big time . Cymbalta can be a crazy drug too. ... (5 replies)
... I'm also wondering about why you mentioned cymbalta as being a crazy drug. My mom has been on it for three weeks now for her numbness in feet. ... (5 replies)
... What makes you say that Cymbalta can be a crazy drug? ... (5 replies)
... Hi Rich, Hope your feeling ok! My neuro just gave me Cymbalta for my small nerve polyneuropathy. I was Dx with the skin punch biopsy, still no cause! Are you still taking Cymbalta? ... (7 replies)
... Hi Will & All, I just reread some of the posts on this thread and others, and it pretty much scares me to think where my SFN will lead. For now my Cymbalta and Gabapentin have kept the pain away, but the numbness is progressing, especially in my hands--I notice it is difficult to count money when paying at a store. I am wondering how you, Will, work if your hands are as... (113 replies)
... I have a history of swelling in this foot but not this bad. It has never been properly diagnosed. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Cactus al, It is easy to have days where you feel so bad that you can't imagine life being any more miserable. Then you run across amazing people, like yourself, that gives you a different perspective on your life. My brother did two tours in Nam and suffers from agent orange. He is lucky to have lived through all of that and still be alive, like yourself. After... (38 replies)
... thanks for the info i tried cynbalta and can afford lyrica. lifes not too bad still able to work most days and have a great husband at home to help god bless powerball would be great cocoa (38 replies)
... ting this lousy disease for over twelve years and during this period I have been on neurotin, cymbalta' lyrics, topomax, and effexor was the last straw. I am on cymbalta and lyrics now. I have so many other issues to deal with including heart,colostomy as a result of colon cancer. ... (38 replies)
... My Doctor just prescribed Cymbalta to aid in the nerve pain since Gabapentin doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot. ... (7 replies)
... you can try Lyrica or Cymbalta...both help neuropathy. Cymbalta is advertised for depression but is approved for peripheral neuropathy... ... (2 replies)
... I have not been able to try Cymbalta as my health insurance would not cover this. This often happens with new meds. I have heard great things about this med. ... (4 replies)
... take 20g of Cymbalta. I was first given Lyrica but my symptoms worsened. My Lyrica dosage was twice increased but it only made things worse. One side effect is swelling in hands and feet and other side effects which made things worse. ... (21 replies)
... pathy and although my feet and legs to knees keep me awake and cause terrible pain. My arms lately are very painful as well as my wrists and hands. Lately I have swelling and constant pain in my right wrist especially. I am right handed so I use it the most. ... (2 replies)
... and stabs me. If I stand longer than one minute my feet start swelling and turning red, then purple. When that happens, they burn, itch and throb. O have been told that it is erthomelgia caused by SFN. ... (12 replies)
... I've been diagnosed with SFN in my feet. It took 3 yrs to find the right doctor to find it. A skin biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. We don't know what caused it so it's idiopathic. All the doctors can do is "treat the symptoms". I've been on many different medications I can't name them all at this time. Gabapentine worked pretty good, but I was on 3,000 mgs of it per... (3 replies)

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