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... i do have the burning feeling all the time it started about four years ago only in the thigh and now all the way down boath legs to my feet so painful all the time i feel better when i put my feet in cold water it relives the burn (2 replies)
... years my legs have really started to bother me. In the thieghs mainly, it started when I walked up stairs, by the time I get to the top, my legs feel like they are on fire...I have stop and let the "burn" stop before continuing. ... (2 replies)
... I'm not sure, but if this isn't neuropathy, then you might want to search on the term Meralgia Paresthetica. It seems to fit what you describe. The EMG should help your doctor determine that. I've had EMG's to help determine which level I had a disc problem at in my back which had to be fixed with surgery. Good luck. wb (2 replies)

... this all started..I have burning feet, which they also feel alittle but pin's and neddley but mostly burn and sting and I also have this bizaare feeling in both legs the front only, it feels like a nawing on my skin, when I wear jeans it really bothers me, even when I don't it does... ... (2 replies)
... About 4 days ago I began experiencing a burning sensation in my legs. I have only experienced this sort of sensation one other time, and that was when I took a specific pain reliever. ... (6 replies)
... ere negative. I have a really hard time standing from sitting and I have to hobble a few steps before I can actually walk correctly. I was thinking my hips and legs were more of an orthapedic issue and was surprised when he said it could all be due to diabetes. Is anyone else out there suffering with hip and leg pain? ... (5 replies)
... I also wanted to tell you I saw a podiatrist and she said if I have any sort of numbness in my legs its most likely my back...that was when this all first legs got worse since then...and now my hands a bit... ... (14 replies)
Burning hands
May 12, 2005
... I only had a CBC to see if I had diabetes and I don't, also how long are you suppose to fast is there such a thing as fasting too long? ... (2 replies)
Legs, feet, arms
Nov 5, 2008
... rst got up in the morning. Now I feel burning, muscle aches, twitches in my muscles on my legs. It is better after sleeping all night but as the day goes on my legs get weaker and hurt. Could I have diabetes? ... (1 replies)
... can cause burning sensations in the extremities. A neurologist or pain doctor would be likely to help narrow down the diagnosis. ... (1 replies)
... I have been dealing with neuropathy in both legs & feet for several years. I sometimes use Lydocaine oitment, just to try to 'quiet' my feet. (16 replies)
... Peripheral neuropathy is a term used mostly for diabetic neuropathy whether its accurate or not. However in my opinion, you have neuropathy, which is the burning etc. and its in your peripherals, hands feet, so i would say that you could call what you have neuropathy. The other term would be paresthesia. ... (14 replies)
... yesterday i woke up with a really warm feeling in one of my legs i touched the skin it felt the same temp as the rest of my body but inside it felt like it was scolding, every time its touched by something hard like toilet seat or hard chair it feels like im touching burnt skin which it was just on my leg now its moved to my arm, i had a coil fitted last week and the doctor... (6 replies)
... i have burning, cramping and needle like pinching pain. If i take the emg, ncv test and it shows no nerve damage, what would then be causing the pain. I have diabetes.[/quote (4 replies)
... I have burning, cramping and needle like pinching pain. If I take the EMG, NCV test and it shows no nerve damage, what would then be causing the pain. I have diabetes. (4 replies)
... months ago I slipped and then started getting bizarre symptoms..both feet burn and feel frost bitten and both legs have a numblike feeling like novacaine and burn also, but these symptoms tend to come and go, although they tend to be here more than not!! ... (14 replies)
Sep 11, 2006
... I have diabetes and neuropathy in my arm and legs Doctors just told me 2 years ago that I had diabetes, after 4 or 5 doctor telling me I didn't have diabetes. ... (3 replies)
Sharing my case
Feb 10, 2010
... It continued to weird numbness, tingling, burning sensations, pins and needles, water in my toes, you name it. ... (0 replies)
... (17 replies)
... I have had intermittant but daily burning in my feet that increases with activity and at night. ... (17 replies)

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