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... Hello, everybody, I am new to this site and I am desperately in need of help. ... (12 replies)
... how do i know if i have nerve damage? ... (3 replies)
... i have nerve damage in my foot what can i do (2 replies)

... My name is Kaity, and I am 14. In 5th grade, I was physically assaulted, and because of it I have nerve damage. Doctors say that I am way too young to have surgery where it would have a higher precentage of causing paralysis, do you know any alternate things that I can do? ... (4 replies)
... Hi OMLL, I am with Tingles on this. Sounds like you need to see a neurologist. They're are so many horrific diseases that can cause nerve pain and a neurologist is the best place to start to figure out what is going on. I have RSD and peripheral neuropathy, both caused from simple knee surgeries. ... (12 replies)
... as if my problem isn't serious because I have no broken bones etc. ... (12 replies)
... you could obtain an MRI of that area along with getting whats called an EMG nerve conduction study. ... (3 replies)
... hi there i will try and explain in as much detail as i can. ... (2 replies)
... how do i know if i have nerve damage (3 replies)
... What type of nerve damage due you have? ... (2 replies)
... in feb 2007, had horrible headaches and pain for a year. I had numerous injections and nerve blocks. ... (1 replies)
... My perspective is slightly different in that I mainly hang out on the Back Problems board. ... (12 replies)
... I have nerve damage in both of my legs. ... (8 replies)
... To be honest, I am getting concerned. I haven't read too many happy stories on these message boards. I am concerned that this problem is never going to resolve itself. I am concerned I won't be able to work anymore. ... (12 replies)
... have you been to a foot doctor? you might need orthotics. i've heard that an imbalance in your stance can cause all kinds of muscle, tendon and back problems too. (12 replies)
... ing pain killers, try not to take them often....just when you absolutely cannot tolerate the pain. you don't need addicition to the pills to add to your worries. have you tried creams that freeze or dull the area, like arthritic creams or those freeze creams. they might help you tolerate better. in the meantime... ... (12 replies)
... I am happy to see you are getting to a neurologist. I understand that you have read some stories that appear to be unhappy. I understand that they may not be able to fix the situation and that it will not resolve itself. ... (12 replies)
... onmylastlegg....every sentence in that one paragraph you wrote has, "i am concerned". whatever it is...i'm sure it can be taken care of medically. it's not something that is going to kill you and i'm sure, once you get a proper diagnoses, that there will be some sort of treatment and even a cure. don't start getting yourself all anxious over it yet. wait until you find out... (12 replies)
... Wow, that is a lot of information. It appears that you may have a sprain, especially if there is swelling. The severe pain may point to neuropathy and you need to see a neurologist to determine that. ... (12 replies)
... cellulittus in my lef for almost a year. There was no infection in the bone but now I have to do this EMG I suppose. I will call my doctor for a referal for a neuroligist. Thanks soo much! ... (3 replies)

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