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... ight want to see a infectious disease specialist. i remember him saying that. In any case he is doing something since he has gotten me to do 2 more mri's and and emg which i have not had yet. i think the mri will come back negative as I dont think the nerves show up not sure. ... (22 replies)
... My doctor ordered an EMG. What is it? Does it hurt? Does it involve needles? Please help me. I'm freaking out about all the things that are going wrong with me and the lack of pain relief. She's got me on IC Propoxy-N/APAP...useless. The terrible burning and stabbing pain is still there. I can barely walk because of the weirdness in my feet. And then I have to hold on to... (7 replies)
Im Scared! Emg
Dec 6, 2006
... I think being nervous about the emg is worse than actually having the emg. I have had it done 4 or 5 times and it really isn't bad. ... (12 replies)

Im Scared! Emg
Dec 6, 2006
... I think being nervous about the emg is worse than actually having the emg. I have had it done 4 or 5 times and it really isn't bad. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Tat my name is Rita and I am having another EMG done on me tomorrow , im not going to lie to you and say I like them but they are not unbearable either they are needles but they do not hurt going in they are very thin, like acupunture needles and they have a place on top where they hook electrodes up to on a machine and, they send SMALL amounts of electric current through... (7 replies)
... dx. Please consider pain management. I have never read that pain meds ruin your nerves, but I'm afraid pain meds are the only relief. Exercise helps. My dr. does not believe that certain foods affects EVERYONE, but MAY affect some people. I was particularly interested in his answer to this question. ... (2 replies)
... Hi wllwrt, Poor tolerance sounds like the needles hurt you too bad during testing & the test had to be stopped prematurely. Did this happen? (2 replies)
Im Scared! Emg
Dec 7, 2006
... I have to agree with the rest of the posts, the EMG doesn't hurt as much as one would would think. It is just very unusual at most. ... (12 replies)
... I just had an EMG this week. It is not a fun experience but it is doable. I was worried more about the needles as well and not the electrical part. ... (7 replies)
Does this add up?
Feb 25, 2005
... e my hips and legs pain terribly. I just found out I have cervical arthritis. I also have arthritis in the right knee. I can't lie own for long because my sides hurt when there is pressure on them. The new thing is this. Twice when driving the car I got a very warm feeling in the top of my right leg. ... (1 replies)
... EMG doesn't hurt at all. I had one of the lower extremeties. It was hokey. The dude just put like 2 or 3 needles in my lower leg, then said no sign of pinched nerve. ... (4 replies)
... Small fiber neuropathy does not show up on EMGs as the EMG only tests the large fibers. ... (14 replies)
... remainder of the day afterwards. There were different levels of intensity during the test from some times so mild I hardly felt anything to a few that flat out hurt and had my leg jerking due to pure involuntary reflex. ... (13 replies)
... t wasn't meant for, like Cymbalta and Savella. These are for depression but for some reason, in combination with Lyrica, help the pain even more. If your feet hurt that much, you need to have a stronger dose of Gabapentin or Lyrica. I started on 100 Gabapentin a day which my Primary gave me. ... (5 replies)
... I have been dx'ed with SFN recently. It took almost 2 years for my neuro to finally suggest the punch skin biopsy which is the best test to determine if I might have SFN. Before that I had every imaginable test done like so many on this Board asking about neuropathy, and except for the punch biopsy, ALL of them were/are negative for anything similar to SFN. EMG's do not... (24 replies)
... Hi: I"m being tested myself for this so I can't say anything on how it feels to be done but I read that neuropathy IS considered a disability with the SSA. I can't remember if it's just neuropathy or diabetic neuropathy they consider a disability. I do think it said diabetic neuropathy but don't quote me on that. Of course you would need your doctors help with applying for... (7 replies)
... urt and i did tell my do but they just kind of brushed it away at that time so did it then this other doc thought i was lying but went ahead and go tme to do an emg somewhere i dont even know if it was done right but the result came back clear. Well of course because there was no damage done yet probably. ... (22 replies)
... NCV too. believe me, you can actually have a perfectly normal EMG study done all the way up to the c spine and still have some level of real problems up in that c spine. ... (7 replies)
... muscuolocutaneous neuropathy cannot be excluded and that it could not explain abnormalities in the pronator teres and brachioradialis is the part that gets me. Does this mean that there is a chance I could have impingement somewhere else besides my neck that is causing the weakness? ... (0 replies)
... mom3nene2, I know how you feel. Mine was fine too. But I actually hurt more now than when I went into it. Ever since that test was done, my left arm and leg hurt twice as bad. Ticks me off since the test showed no nerve damage. ... (23 replies)

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