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... In April I had an accident in which I completely tore my LCL and had a small tear to my ACL also had peroneal nerve damage and foot drop. I had surgery in mid April to reconstruct the LCL, Doc said that we would wait and see how the ACL felt after healing from the LCL surgery. ... (0 replies)
... That is just awful, I am very sorry that this has happened to you. I see foot drop often. Mostly in folks that have had strokes or some sort of accident that has rendered them unable to use their legs at all. ... (1 replies)
... Hi're right about drop foot, since it is the pits. You know, it must be a female thing, but I worried all the time about not being able to wear my shoes anymore too. ... (1 replies)

... But the worst of it all, is the nerve damage that has occurred. Catastrophic is a good word to use. ... (83 replies)
... in aug 05 i was playing softball and dislocated my left knee rupturing my acl, pcl, acl and had extensive nerve damage resulting in a drop foot on my left foot. it took a year and a half to have the surgery to fix my knee and i am still left with a foot drop. ... (83 replies)
... in the first place. As for healing in 12 months or so, I have to say that's it's kind of difficult to put a time limit on something like this. This dang peroneal nerve is going to heal at its own pace, and that's just the reality of the situation. ... (8 replies)
... Sorry you've had such a hard time of it these past eighteen months. If you look at my previous posts you will know that I had drop foot after a broken leg and that I had nerve release surgery, which really helped in my case. ... (42 replies)
... So sorry to hear about your drop foot, and hopefully I can shed a little more light on your situation... ... (2 replies)
... em, the less likely they are to achieve full recovery. I called Dr. Naths who told me because my doctor waited so long for the EMG I am no longer a candidate for nerve transfer. The EMG identifies if nerve decompression can help get rid of the drop foot. ... (42 replies)
... I had surgery to repair what they said was a dead perineal nerve. Well . . . when they got in there they think the nerve is not dead because it was hard and not "mushy" like dead nerves are. ... (12 replies)
... and he did a very thorough job from what I have been told. Originally like I said, it was thought that I only had nerve damage down below the knee, and he found the bad damage above the knee as well. ... (83 replies)
... was more scared to see how if I would have pain without meds and when I realized I had none, I was ok. Now, even 14 months post op, I still have tingling in my foot and leg. It isn't pain but there is a huge difference in how both legs feel. Also, I now am getting a lot of 'sparking' in my foot. ... (83 replies)
... or 6 months, and got my bypass reversed in June. So I am on the mend, but unfortunately, my vitamin deficiencies were undiagnosed for a long time, therefore the nerve damage is not likely to reverse. So I have gone through MRI's, EMG's, sensory nerve studies, spinal tap, because I thought I had MS all along. ... (4 replies)
... have a problem with the AFO brace and if it weakens the other ankle then it will never work. So now I am using a Travel folding wheelchair. Where did you do the nerve decompression which hospital? ... (6 replies)
... I'm so glad that you have sort of a fixable mechanical problem and that your drop foot is not returning! ... (42 replies)
Nov 2, 2008
... to hear about your accident and will try to tell you about myself in the hope that it will help you too. Last December I broke my leg and as a result I developed drop foot of the right would have to be the right leg, you know... ... (3 replies)
... and my sciatic nerve was stretched by the retractor. I've had total drop foot since then with no improvement. I can feel just a bit on the inside of my foot, ankle and calf but I can't move any toes or my foot. ... (83 replies)
... s ago I was stricken with a disease called Rhabdomyolisis which caused such extreme poisoning and edema, I have permanent paralysis in the left leg and permanent foot drop. I wear AFO's to go out, but, as a result of the pain from the nerve damage, I am unable to walk more than 10 to 15 feet and need a walker to do that. ... (83 replies)
... L5 in October 06. As the result of this surgery she suffered some nerve damage and had been on a walker since then. ... (6 replies)
... e crazy combination that works just for you. The Otto Bock Carbon brace is completely flat and does not surround or compress the foot in any way, so even if your foot turns inward, the brace would permit it to do so, while still supporting your heel and ankle and as much of the foot that stayed on the brace. ... (6 replies)

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