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Jun 12, 2010
... I was diagnosed about 4 months ago, after an emg the technition said, you have neurapthy your nerves are slow. They only shocked my legs. Then they don't give me a folow up for almost 6 months, no explaination, advice anything. A whole other story. So basically I've googled everything I could seems noone told me about neuropathy. I have these symptoms, or issues. Are any of... (4 replies)
... I've been seeing the neuro for about 9 months now, and she's about to refer me to a Rheumatologist. Seems now to be humoring me. In the last year, I've been given 2 MRI's, had an EKG, EMG/NCV test, had my blood sugar tested, all kinds of blood work-ups, been in the ER as the whole left side of my body went numb, am now seeing a Lyme Literate dr to at least rule out chronic... (6 replies)
... "Joining the camp" - Don't have an answer but - I have slight ache - in between the area of both ears - if I pat the back of my head ear to ear - there is some tenderness. Not a real headache - but that "eye" headache thing. Was involved in a car accident 2 years ago - and have ongoing ulnar issues - tingling fingers...flexor flare ups......all of which still have been a... (6 replies)

... Also posted in MS boards. Hi all -- I recently went to my first neurologis appt. I told him of my symptoms (listed below) and suggested that because my MRI (brain only) was clean, could it be possible that I have neuropathy. He confidently said NO. That if I had neuropathy, all of my extremeties would be effected at the same time. I said that was not happening to me. He... (3 replies)
Can anyone help me
Aug 25, 2003
... and feet about a year ago. Symptoms started on and off at first and then became constant about 6 months ago after a bad cold. Initial symptoms started with an ear infection where I was prescribed an antibiotic. ... (2 replies)
... Hi there, i am ineed of some help here. what it is for 2 years i have been suffering from tingling down one side of my face (right) my ear feels all blocked, and the right hand side of my head hurts sometimes, i am getting the odd shooting pain there also and its scaring me, right inbetween my right eye and my right ear and just above my right eye and also at the back of my... (5 replies)
... I am prone to bingeing, but have not for the past year until last night. I went kinda crazy and ate a Creme Brulee, ate a ton of really salty chips, 2 small bowls of Box Mac n' Cheese (some organic brand idk), some yogurt pretzels, and a bit of something else I can't remember (it was not sweet). This morning my hearing kinda went in one ear, and I am getting a very high... (0 replies)
... the pain no longer was shocking but more like an ear ache. ... (16 replies)
Information Please
Apr 19, 2007
... Wow no idea, but have they got an Ear Nose Throat doctor (Otolaryngolist) on your case? I think a Neurologist would be good to have as well. I think both these kinds of doctors might be necessary for you right now to try and problem solve your situation. If they haven't already, maybe they should do an MRI or Cat Scan on your C-spine (neck) and Head just in case something is... (3 replies)
Jul 13, 2004
... a Cat Scan and it said the hematoma was resolved. I know it takes a long time to feel right again. I still watch what I eat because of my jaw. Do you ever get a tingling feeling in your face? ... (4 replies)
... have it in the left arm too now. I have just recently started having numbness in my right upper back and neck that goes to my right ear. I also have numbness and tingling in the badk of my left thigh that goes down under my foot to the tips of my toes. ... (13 replies)

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