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Neurontin users
Mar 8, 2006
... considering. Even though they have a lot of the same side affets, it seems like the Cymbalta offets some of the bad side afects of the gabapentin, especially the depression and tiredness. Cymbalta is used to treat depression, but aslo for nerve pain like the gabapentin. ... (22 replies)
... Hi, I am new to this forum. I was diagnosed with diabetic peripheral neuropathy in August of 2012. I was put on Gabapentin and Nortriptylene. I am at 600 mg three times per day of Gabapentin and was only on 10 mg of notriptylene. ... (5 replies)
... Generally speaking, Lyrica has fewer side effects and requires "less" medicine to "work" than gabapentin. Most insurance companies require that gabapentin be tried first, as it is generic, while Lyrica is much more expensive since it is still under patent. ... (3 replies)

Oct 31, 2012
... I take between 2,100 mg and 2,400 mg of gabapentin a day. I also take 2.5 mg of Loritab to 5 mg, 3 times a day and 20 mg of balcofen 4 times a day. ... (7 replies)
Neurontin users
Mar 29, 2006
... I found much of the depression lifted. Immediately. ... (22 replies)
... those that have been found to help a disease that it wasn't meant for, like Cymbalta and Savella. These are for depression but for some reason, in combination with Lyrica, help the pain even more. ... (5 replies)
Thalamic pain
Jan 26, 2013
... It's my understanding (and experience) that ordinary pain killers are frustratingly ineffective with our condition. Better results will be had with with tricyclic or SRNI anti-depressants, such as (in my case) amitriptyline, prestiq (or, perhaps, the less expensive effexor, or the widely advertised Cymbalta), gabapentin (or its more expensive brand name Lyrica), and... (3 replies)
... Part of the problem is I don't know what symptoms are related or not, so it gets complicated. Back in 2000 I developed silent migrains (no headaches). In 2010 they started to come with headaches in the form of pressure/pain behind my right eye. Daily Advil keeps them away, but of course that is not good to do, so I am now trying Axert instead. In 2003 I came off a horse... (6 replies)
... Following up on the good information Tingles provided, most people with neuropathy take Gabapentin or Lyrica, whichever works best for them. These two meds are in a class called anticonvulsants. ... (5 replies)
... vs. Lyrica and found that for some of us one works, for others the other med works, and for others neither works. For me, I take 300 mg Gabapentin 2 times a day plus I take Cymbalta. Most people with SFN take Cymbalta or a tricyllic antidepressant. Now I can hear you saying, "But I'm not depressed. ... (8 replies)
... learning you have such a disease and dealing with the depression and overwhelming problem of figuring out how to cope. ... (6 replies)
... Will, glad to hear from you, but wish you were having a better time of it. As always, I send many caring thoughts your way. Help4mywife, I was wondering what tests your wife has had to determine that she has SFN? Has she had a skin biopsy to definitely determine she has SFN? SFN doesn't show up on nerve conduction tests so often baffles neurologists. Without a skin biopsy,... (113 replies)
... A couple of people in my neuropathy support group have had success with that. I can feel the depression in your posting and relate to how you are feeling. ... (12 replies)
SFN Questions.
Aug 4, 2010
... Hi Lori You don't have to thank me, we're all companions in here fighting, or at least trying to understand this condition. I've had my first contrast MRI and the full blood work. I will have a follow up NCV, to complete the tests before my next appointment. Hopefully I find some answers there. I'm not a doctor but after reading so much, talking with the doctors,... (19 replies)
... conditioning also aggravates it. It basically sucks and it has really taken over my life. I feel really depressed about it and yes, I do have a history of depression and anxiety. I currently take cymbalta since I have told my psy. about all of this. ... (110 replies)
... se generic drugs which are the same as the "brand" names. I guess I cannot complain too much if it were not for pharmaceuticals this country would have been in a depression a few years ago so I will not rant but these meds are widely prescribed for a plethora of off label indications and they of course are extremely expensive. ... (5 replies)
... an able to participate in the sports that made my life enjoyable anymore. I have lost my job that I loved and pretty much lock myself in my house all day. The depression is the hardest part about all of this. Most of the friends are long gone and my family lives 2000 miles away so support is hard to come by. ... (5 replies)
... I have changed up my medical team... I have 2 ENTs (sort of a checks and balance approach) and now I am also seeing an integrative medicine doc and voice therapist, who has worked closely with one of my ENTs for years dealing with our type of issues (PM me if you want any actual names or contacts). While I have been prescribed Klonopin(made me depressed), Neurontin (like a... (10 replies)
... In fact, I take some out of the capsule or else my head is really groggy in the morning and I am in severe depression in the AM. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Ruby and Rising Parrot, When my symptoms started to appear bottom-up,traversed from my arms and legs fully "asleep" when I would wake up in any position, muscle weakness and twitching was next in line for me, blurred vision,and it did affect my coordination only a bit, up until this day. The walk on glass feeling appeared when I would walk on a mere carpet. There were 3... (24 replies)

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