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... I'm new here and looking for some advice. I've suffered pretty badly for six weeks now. July 2nd I began to have pain in abdomen and back. It was severe. Several days later I broke out with a rash and went to the dr. I had shingles. ... (10 replies)
... Please help... I am new here, I need real help for my husband. He is in pain ALL of the time, literally. The problem started with his feet and legs a few years back, pain and cramping and burning sensations. Has gotten much worse since that time. It affects his legs also now. ... (5 replies)
... I had an injury to my low back two years ago from intense physical excercise. The first symptom was burning in the feet. Next came low back pain and burning in the buttocks. Eventually the burning pain has spread to the mid to upper back and now with burning in the hands. ... (2 replies)

... Hi, this is my first post. I've been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy which originally has been in my feet and legs. I've had all the pain, numbness, ankle swelling, sharp pains, extreme loss of balance, burning etc. ... (13 replies)
... I'm having a hard time getting my pain issues across to my doctors. I have peripheral neuropathy pain in my feet and constant pain in both knees. ... (5 replies)
... mri and have spinal stenosis, herniated disc, arthritis and sure that some of the synovial joints are affected from the RA on my spine. I've had 3 sessions of radiofrequency ablatation... ... (9 replies)
... Peripheral neuropathy is very painful, debilitating sometimes. It most likely has been caused by the diabetes, but other things can cause it too, like Vit B12 and folate deficiency, underactive thyroid, alcohol in excess, and connective tissue disease. ... (1 replies)
... Start slow, and if you go off it you must taper down and not do immediate cold turkey. ... (38 replies)
... Hi! I have some of the same symptoms. It is in my arms, legs, back, and feet. The back portion just started about 3 weeks ago. Do you experience any twitching in your body? ... (2 replies)
... I wanted to give everyone a quick background about myself and ask a few questions since this is my first post. ... (5 replies)
... with severe burning, tingling, hurting to the point it controls my life. I've bought every over the counter and prescription rub or oil I have found, nothing works. ... (29 replies)
... NCV findings, which showed no active denervation. Also by low reflexes both on legs and arms, pretty much symmetrical, but affecting more the legs. ... (2 replies)
... Peripheral Neuorapathy sounds somewhat similar to your description. But the numbness, burning, pin and needles are mostly in the feet and hands. Numbness does move up the leg. I believe the pressure on the nerves is heavier on the feet then the legs. ... (1 replies)
... Neurologist did a nerve test results are PN...I was complaining to my general doctor of severe pain in the feet, legs, thighs and arms. ... (9 replies)
... and what your outcome was. My neurologist says it is my only hope. He says he gave it to one woman and never heard from her again. ... (12 replies)
... You sound like you are suffering so badly,the only thing apart from Gabapentin ,which I am now on,is a drug called Epilim which is an anti epileptic drug and that helped my Neuropathy enormously-maybe ask your neurologist about anti epiiptic drugs in general?! Take care Pauline (7 replies)
... Hi Deedee,You sound like you are really hurting?I understand that with Gabapentin you are only supposed to take 4200 maximum-so maybe you are just taking too much,I often find that with have to find the right dosage before you see any result-so maybe talk to your Doctor about it-take care Pauline (7 replies)
... I have the burning in my feet, legs, hands and arms. I can't get relief , I failed the ogtt twice but my a1c was good. The dr. Did a skin biopsy and it showed short nerve fiber damage. I'm 40 years old male currently on gabapentin in which it doesn't help. ... (6 replies)
... I have sensory peripheral neuropathy. ... (4 replies)
Neurontin users
Mar 2, 2006
... I was just currious if everyone in this thread was still taking neurontin and how much and with what other meds. ... (22 replies)

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