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... Hi again, typical signs of small fibre damage are burning, tingling, sharp prickly jabbing sensations and numbness can follow. It sure makes me wonder why your neuro hasn't done a skin punch biopsy or at the very least Quanitive Sensory testing as it is normal procedure for detecting symptoms you describe. I am curious to if you have actually have had a 2 or up to 5 hour... (10 replies)
... sease in itself but rather a symptom of an underlying condition. So bottom line is your father did not die from peripheral neuropathy. He may have had peripheral neuropathy when he died, but it was likely caused by whatever made him ill. ... (8 replies)
... at I finally got in at Southwestern and they did all the tests. They found no cause. A gastroenterologist I saw for my IBS approved a Prometheus blood screen for gluten intolerance and even that came back normal. So now I've even gone back to a normal diet. I don't know what the cause was. ... (30 replies)

... elieve pain, then you have to look at causes for nutrient deficiencies. The primary ones are bacterial overgrowth, something doctors now routinely check for when neuropathy occurs, and food allergy like gluten intolerance. It destroys the villi and renders them unable to absorb nutrients. ... (4 replies)
... as a possible "cause" of neuropathy symptoms? ... (13 replies)
... is anyone out there familiar with any association with gluten intolerance(celiac disease and d.h.) and neuropsychiatric disorders, ie. depression, social anxiety, bipolar? being bipolar and having been on 30 some odd psychotropic meds over the last 10 yrs, and have not only not been stable but getting worse by the year, i have been researching the possible connection of... (5 replies)
... urs of itching and stabbing pains after eating many foods. The number of foods increase over time so I am now very limited. I have celiac disease but follow a gluten free diet and have had an endoscopy showing no damage. Food allergies have been ruled out. Anyone ever had this problem? ... (6 replies)
... Also stay away from Aspartame . This can cause all kinds of problems . Have had severe pn in both feet and recently was reading about aspartame poisoning for a better term. I have only stopped this for a week at this point but the pain in feet hasn't felt this reduced in years so I am very hopeful at this point. It's scary if even a quarter of what is written is true . A... (18 replies)
... e Extensions magazine. You can type in health concerns and they will give you a list of supplements. There is not a specific small fiber neuropathy, but there is Neuropathy in general, and they have a lot of suggestions. ... (18 replies)
... d be considered in all patients with idiopathic neuropathy even when gastrointestinal symptoms are absent, more commonly presenting with symmetrical sensorimotor neuropathy but there are some that only present with small fibre symptoms. ... (9 replies)
Sensory Neuropathy
Apr 14, 2008
... n happen even in a prediabetic state, tests for vitamin deficiencies like b12, b1, b6 and vitamin E, folate, toxins, some medications and even to much alcohol or Gluten sensitivity can cause PN and the list goes on and on. ... (11 replies)
... The small fibre's job is to recognize cold, heat and pain, when they are not working right they send confused signals to the brain, how the brain interpets that confused signal can differ. With my small fibre damage, when the day got hotter so would my feet, high sugary carbs use to aggravate the heck out my feet. Gluten sensitivity is something you might want to check out,... (5 replies)
... i am not diabetic, nor am i borderline but some of my bloodtests did reveal that i am gluten sensitive so that is why i avoid grains except for rice. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Slimlad, i would be asking to be tested for gluten sensitivity and also pre/ diabetes is another thought higher than normal blood glucose levels can aggravate the nerves as well, next big meal you could try a meal that is very high in fibre or foods that are really low GI and see what happens. A nerve conduction test was totally useless for me, mine was mostly small... (9 replies)
... Can you tell me if oats (as in raw oatmeal) have gluten? I have no trouble eliminating bread and that sort of thing, but eat a bowl of raw oats with soymilk every morning to help with my cholesterol. Thanks! (6 replies)
... I eat a gluten free diet and went paleo a couple years ago, and until now this had majorly helped me in general wellness. I have no idea what the heck could have caused this... ... (4 replies)
... Though I have never had a drink of any sort, I feel as though we have many similar symptons. I too had mercury removal performed. I only had it removed from the side of my mouth where I was having extreme jaw pain. Unfortunately, I have seen no relief after the mercury removal. Keep us posted on here from time to time. Good news is always welcomed here on the boards! (21 replies)
... Hi everyone, I wanted to give you all an update on my condition. After many tests, several thousands of dollars, and no diagnosis, I was at a lost and started to really research causes of idiopathic neuropathy. Given the sudden onset of my symptoms and overall good health before my symptoms began, I felt that I was exposed to something and that was the underlying... (21 replies)
... Hello everyone...since everyone is posting ages I thought I mine as well. I'm 48, but was 47 when I Got Small Fiber Neuropathy. It seems we are all in the same general age group. I agree that cold makes it worse...Spring and Summer is on it's way , and that should help ( I live in Western NY) and this had been a brutal Winter. I've recently made some diet changes. I've cut... (110 replies)
... Sorry to hear you're living with all this. My mom is diabetic also, so I can relate a bit. I know how tough it is. My neuropathy doesn't come from diabetes, but burning pain is burning pain. You'll find lots of suggestions here and everywhere if you look. ... (1 replies)

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