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... I get numb once or twice when sleeping, but if I wake up with numb hands, the numbness goes away in seconds, and when I told my doctor this thing, he ignored it. Doctors don't give attention to mild symptoms. ... (18 replies)
... You may be only suffering from sleeping wrong on your hands if the numbness disappears quickly after waking. ... (18 replies)
... Creepy crawly skin, numb interior with elecrtical high voltage pain running up and down..burning hot and icy cold at the same time. The numbness makes for poor balance on the limb involved. Feet can be described as numb soles with tingly toes. Inability to voluntarily move some toes.. ... (18 replies)

... There is so much info on the internet that you can go crazy...the best thing is to go to the doctor and get tests taken to find out the reason for your numbness. Some tests are easy to take like MRI or CT --no pain. They can determine if you have CTS. If that is ruled out then the best is to go see a neurologist and have some other tests performed. I would start with the MRI... (18 replies)
... The numbness started right away after starting the diet. ... (18 replies)
... I think I'll go crazy because of this, when I read on internet about the complications of this. ... (18 replies)
... During the last month, I wake up several times at night with my hands numb. During the day also, I have a tingling feeling in hands and feet. I'm 34 years old, and the last year I was diagnosed with prostatitis, and I was taking antibiotics (ciprofloxacin) for 4 months, I've stopped them 10 months ago though, so I don't know if this can be a side effect of the antibiotic I... (18 replies)
... Could be RSD lets hope not but look that up maybe it pertains to that. Not sure I have some of the same symptoms waiting to be diagnosed to what it is that I have. Sharik are you indian I am. (18 replies)
... NO Blue finger tips mean your blood circulation is badly impaired. You MUST see a Dr. as soon as possible. (18 replies)
... Now things are getting worse, my little finger hurts and it looks like the fingertip is getting dark/blue and it is sensitive. Any idea? Does Neuropathy change the color of fingers? Thanks a lot (18 replies)
... How do you describe a neuropathy pain? I have some pain in my feet and in my wrist, but it looks like arthritis pain, or muscle pain. It does not last more than a few minutes, and it is not very severe. What do you think? (18 replies)
... After reading all the origianl post and your questions I am getting the impression you think "Neuropathy" is a specific disease. It's not. It's a word used to describe a symptom or group of symptoms. It simply means your nerves are having abnormal sensations. There are a bunch of diff possible sensations, all generally referred to as neuropathy. Your Dr's object is to... (18 replies)
... My fasting glucose a couple of months ago was 80, which is normal, right? Can you tell me what are differences between CTS and Neuropathy? Based on what I've posted here, which one is more likely? sharik (18 replies)
... Sharik..... you should always have your blood sugar tested in the morning on a fasting state. Having it tested 2 hours after lunch can give false readings high or low.The A1c test can be tested anytime as it checks glucose in a different way than the others. Good luck ....... (18 replies)
... My Dr. tested me for glucose level and it was fine. 102, 2 hours after lunch. I don't know if he tested me for these other things. I'm sure I don't have HIV:) neither as I'm tested last year, and after that I've always used protection. (18 replies)
... Sharik.....Not all neuropathy is caused by the same thing...Some is cause by blood sugar disorders (mine) some by Auto Immune, Compression, HIV,Heavy Metal Toxicity and some are Idiopathic meaning no cause can be found. So i'd have your DR test for the most common which is blood sugar disorder.. A ''Fasting Blood Sugar'' and a ''Fasting Insulin Test ''along with ''A1C'' test.... (18 replies)
... sharik.... How bad is it ....that depends on the individual as every one is different . If i let my diet get out of control its terrible as excess carbs cause this neuropathy that i have so strict diet is a must. However a neurologist would know what to tell you in more detail as different things cause neuropathy....... (18 replies)
... Thanks for your reply How bad is this Neuropathy? (18 replies)
... My thought is get a blood test to check for abnormal blood sugars and /or insulin. Then if needed a neurologist can nerve test (EMG and NCV). I have it checked out for peace of mind......... (18 replies)
... ng wrist guards at night might prevent the morning symptoms you describe. These wrist guards are used specifically at night by people with carpel tunnel because when sleeping people tend to sleep in a position that puts pressure on the carpel tunnel. ... (2 replies)

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