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... I think Marcia's suggestion to try Lyrica for a month might be a good idea. ... (10 replies)
... I was on Lyrica for years until my Ins wouldn't pay about 2yrs ago...I liked the Lyrica and hoping it helps me. ... (63 replies)
... I've been taking Neurontin for about 5 years now. ... (2 replies)

... My friend took Neurontin for about 2 years and switched to Lyrica for about 1 year. The end results seems to be the same. The only thing to note is that the Lyrica dose is much lower than the Neurontin dose so if you move to Neurontin, you will be taking alot more miligrams to get the same results as Lyrica. For example, my friend took a total of 3,300 mg of Neurotin... (6 replies)
... Finally to your post... First of all, 300mg of Neurontin once a day is a super low dose. A daily dose of 1800mg is considered the minimum therapeutic dose. ... (4 replies)
... Well... the weekend started off BAD! pain wise and only got worse. It was like I wasn't taking anything for my PN. I was off my Neurontin the 8th and taking my prescribed 75mg of Lyrica 2 times a day all last week. ... (63 replies)
... Hello RP, made the switch a couple of times. I'm pretty sure my pain mgt. team did about what you described except they had me start taking small dosages of Lyrica at the same time. ... (63 replies)
Neurontin users
Dec 16, 2005
... I too have recently started lyrica. I was on 2400mg of neurontin a day and was having trouble remembering things. I was also still having trouble with the pain. ... (115 replies)
... p...didn't sleep well but was able to get a few hours got up at 6a...took my 75mg of Lyrica and am at work...not feeling great but hoping the Lyrica works better today. ... (63 replies)
... to Lyrica...I'm currently on 1200mg of Neurontin 3 times a day...have a new script for 75mg of Lyrica 2 times a day. ... (63 replies)
... My husband has been Taking Lyrica for his neuropathy with great results...But the cost is getting to us and the Pharmacist said that Neurontin and Lyrica are in the same class of drugs and would be cheaper. What I would like to know is...will neurontin do the same thing for him? ... (6 replies)
... You might just want to consider yourself lucky. I havent known anyone personally to have a beneficial experience from lyrica and only horrific side effects. My own condition was made far worse from my one month experience on lyrica. I used to take Pamelor as well. ... (10 replies)
... Hi, I have RSD and have damage to my lumbar spine, both due to a fall at work. I am also male. I have been on Neurontin 3600mgs daily for a year and a half and am on 80mgs a day of Methadone. I have also a few months ago, switched to Lyrica. ... (6 replies)
... Well Heck! I'll have K put a call into my doctor....what sucks Is I HAVE to refill its either Lyrica or Neurontin :( This isn't good. J (63 replies)
... The best advice I have is that if you take one of these meds for a long time as you have its hard to switch, even from neurontin to lyrica or vice versa. ... (63 replies)
... I go for another Lyrica instead of Neurontin? ... (63 replies)
... for about 2 years with good relief. I figured I would give Lyrica a try. I find that I have to take 250 to 300 mg of Lyrica to get the same effect as 1800mg of neurontin. Both of them have given me any bad side effects. Both of them seem to work equally the same. ... (6 replies)
... day and it was not helping enough so the PM doc switched me to Lyrica last year. ... (6 replies)
... mgs, 3 times a day. Months later I was put on Lyrica, for as others said, price. Also Neurontin is a strong drug and Lyrica is much safer. I was completely miserable, so as of yesterday I am back to Neurontin. Thank goodness. ... (9 replies)
... My mom has had success with Neurontin but has developed chronic, severe diarrhea. She has had every test and there is nothing wrong. Although chronic diarrhea is rare with Neurontin....the Dr. ... (3 replies)

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