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... not helped. For over 2 years I have been trying to get a diagnosis for my problem. My arms and legs are weak, predominality Right Side. I was having severe neck pain for years. Thought this might be the culprit. Had Neck Fusion Surgery in Sept 06. Neck is better, but weakness is progressing. I have fallen many times. ... (13 replies)
... I was at a traffic light and before the light turned green I felt as if both hands and feet where on fire. It was like a bolt of lightning went through me. I had a sinus infection at the time. ... (8 replies)
Oct 5, 2013
... I was diag with small fiber neuropathy in 2012 by a skin biopsy. My started with pins and needles in my calves and burning pain under my feet. It has since progressed to my hands, arms, torso and face. I have it widespread. ... (1 replies)

Sfn and ?
Mar 4, 2013
... Well, I also went thru the ringer like you are to be dx. I started to think I was nuts. But I am not a hypocondraic and normal pain level I can handle more than most so I knew it was not my head there was something really wrong with me. ... (29 replies)
... injections. You may find some relief to the numbness after a time, but once damaged, it's not easy to rebuild the damaged mylan nerve fiber. ... (21 replies)
... You might have answered my questions. You go to a Neuromuscular doctor and that maybe is who I need to see. My neurologist peformed a nerve conductor test on me and said I have mild neuropathy in both legs and feet plus carpal tunnel in both arms. But the pain I experience is anything but mild. ... (5 replies)
... I have had weakness and numbness in my hands and feet for about 6 month!! ... (4 replies)
... st...did zap then it was up my legs to mid calf....then 2nd Neurologist...another zap test..MAJOR blood work...and then they took some of my left ankle nerve to test..... ... (24 replies)
... t. At first I would sit down for a few minutes and it would go away. On Sept 17 I could not stand for more than a few minutes without getting that awful stabbing pain in my side. Between Sept and Dec it had spread to the other side and became more prominent in the left side. ... (5 replies)
... ere to post this one because there isn't a shoulder forum but it is Neurological in nature. I have an left arm ulnar neuropathy. ...but I've been having shoulder pain for years. I just got the ulnar neuropathy diagnosis in May of 04. ... (8 replies)
... numbness through my arm to the shoulder. The frequency and intensity has excelerated quited rapidly and the numbness and pain can last for hours or all day. Nothing I do can rid myself of it. ... (4 replies)
... My question... or rather what I am seeking, is this... the use of my hands is limited, and I find most 'help' tools such as utensil holders and so forth, clumsy and ungainly, and holding any glass is an accident waiting to happen. ... (0 replies)
... I have tingling, burning, numbness and pain in my hands and feet. Worse in hands. I've seen my primary care physician, an orthopedic and soon will see a neurologist, who will do a nerve condution test. ... (9 replies)
... september and the only me the dr put me on is nortriptiline 10 mg at bedtime never have had a ncs so i will addreess this with dr on march 7th also have lots of pain in the heel of both hands the pinkies and for fingers actually watched the nerve tremor last night on the rt hand it was a weird feeling hang n there ......... ... (5 replies)
Can you help?
Mar 7, 2001
... and I get so weak feeling and tired I have to stop. My legs feel like jello when I finish and my hands start shaking. I feel very weak and my legs feel like they just can't hold me up another minute. ... (0 replies)
Neuropathy moving
May 24, 2016
... I have had neuropathic pain for 4 years also. I don't know if it is caused by my MS or not. ... (9 replies)
... I went to an orthopedic physician in July originally with the intention of figuring out the cause of the upper back pain, but the neuropathic pain started just a couple weeks beforehand, so I explained both to him. ... (2 replies)
... Tonight I have a mri on my lumbar spine and tomorrow morning another nerve conductor test with a new neuro. He is not so sure that I have neuropathy and thinks maybe back problems causing all my burning, aching pain in legs. ... (2 replies)
Sound like PN?
Aug 6, 2012
... Hi all! Just wanted to see if what I'm experiencing sounds like PN. I went to an after hours clinic last week with what I thought was a pinched nerve and was told I needed to see a neurologist soon and have an MRI and nerve tests because it looks like MS. ... (12 replies)
... Neuropathy myself from Diabetes and specializing in treating the disorder as well, it has been my experience that rather "high" doses of the B vitamins help with nerve health and conductivity. ... (22 replies)

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