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... they've done an EMG and Nerve Conduction Study which came back normal. ... (3 replies)
... Sorry to be so long in replying to your post, but I was confused too about the report of nerve damage and wanted to check with my doctor about the large nerve fibers. I also have carpal tunnel in both hands. ... (4 replies)
... nd wont be reversible. It started 9 and half months ago after i had my baby, with shooting pains and tingling, it started spreading, then twitches, aches, crampy hands and toes, any ideas? ... (25 replies)

Sep 7, 2003
... year now. i was started on 2400mg a day and still there. i go threough stages of nausea and appettite loss. i do have severe burning tingling and numnbness in my hands feet arms and legs. ... (22 replies)
Sep 5, 2003
... The first time was for terrible burning pain in my hands due to fibromyalgia. ... (22 replies)
... particularly worse at night. Tingling, then partial numbness with frequent stabbing and shooting pain from the bottoms of my feet through my lower legs. ... (30 replies)
Zonegran anyone?
Jul 13, 2003
... Noone in the pain management board knows so I'll try you! I have polyneuropathy and recently had a ulnar decompression and cts that turned into a 3. ... (2 replies)
... In Oct last year a nerve conduction study showed I had sensory axonal polyneuropathy. I also had positive Romberg's test and absent ankle reflexes. ... (2 replies)
... n and out of periods of incredible numbness and ive experienced muscle loss, especially in the right trunk of my neck and throat. I have severe neck pressure and pain caused by this loss of tone and I do physical therapy 3 times a week to help with no progress. ... (2 replies)
... but will add since I have PN typing can be a pain since my hands are so bad... ... (5 replies)
... Capsaicin, when applied topically to extremities affected by peripheral neuropathy, causes surface irritation and may block the transmission of pain signals from the nerve endings to the brain. ... (7 replies)
... h I've been told that I have peripheral neuropathy. I do not have tingling or burning sensations in my feet or anywhere else. Instead, I have an aching, sharp pain in my ankles that sometimes goes up to my knees and above. I have had 2 Nerve Conduction Tests by 2 different doctors. ... (1 replies)
... I don't keep notes but neuroapathy can effect a nerve that controls the diaphram and eventually gives you breathing problems. I have a moving pain and disconfort that likes the position below the ribs, just over the liver and it moves around to the back some times. ... (4 replies)
... the doc at my last nerve conduction test says i have one of the worst cases she has seen... ... (2 replies)
... Can you please list your difficulties and how you over came them. I have severe pain in feet up to hips both sides lost 50 lbs in 6 mo cannt stand more than 10 minuets it's a burning icy hot stabbing stinging pain now up to my hands sholders and face dificulty swallowing burning dry lips body feels heavy and the tendons seam tight loss of muscle bloating shortness of breath... (9 replies)
... my toes then feet...after a few months move up to my calves and then to my hands. I'm in pain every second I'm awake. So I'd say over time it has gotten worse. ... (1 replies)
... alance is awful and I walk like I'm 100 yrs old. I've had 3 or 4 "zap tests" ,they have taken many vials of blood to test and even removed part of my left ankle nerve to do a biopsy on. All of those tests proved nothing besides the fact that I have PN. ... (3 replies)
... Machine, I responded in your other thread. Looking at what you've listed for symptoms, I think you have a lot more going on, and not necessarily from Neuropathy. To really be sure, the first stop I would do would find a Neurologist that specializes in it, and its diagnosis vs guessing after reading the net! Cold feeling limbs - that's usually a vascular issue not... (11 replies)
... and get ice cold sometimes. I also get tingling along my left cheekbone with pain behind that eye and along the jaw and teeth, and blurriness in my left eye. ... (0 replies)
... Started in January with weakness and numbness on one side then symmetric, then hands and gloves, no pain. ... (2 replies)

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