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Pain in left leg
May 28, 2003
... Hello to all. I'm not sure if I am posting in the right forum but hopefully someone can help me. Back in November I started getting lots of twitching in my left leg. I still have it to this day and it has caused me so much grief that I now also have anxiety attacks. ... (5 replies)
... Hello Melville, Well, some of your symptoms I have. I had a Decopressive Lumbar Laminectomy in 2003. Since then, I have been told I have nerve damage, due to the bone pressing on the nerve for so many years. ... (4 replies)
... I have PN in both my feet. Dr's can't find out why. Possibly heriditary. ... (2 replies)

... Hello, here is a brief history of my symptoms. I am a 50 yr old female. I injured my left knee a couple of years ago and recently had knee surgery which went extrememly well and really helped. ... (1 replies)
Old leg pain.
Dec 14, 2010
... I have a pain that shoots through my left thigh. Sort of inside near the front of my thigh. I have read a little about sciatica and but I'm not convinced. ... (0 replies)
... About a week ago, I woke up with a really bad pain in my left leg, what felt like a trapped nerve. The pain eased throughout the day, but it was still really uncomfortable to sit down anywhere. Then it eased off and didn't come back. ... (0 replies)
Damage from EMG
Mar 6, 2008
... ound from specialist to specialist because of nerve and muscle issues similar to those of MS. One of the earlier specialists had done an EMG on my right arm and left leg, and everything was normal. On Friday, another specialist conducted an EMG on my left arm and right leg. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, your burning pain sounds like nerve issues. ... (3 replies)
... you may want to look into thoracic outlet syndrome(upper extremity only though) (3 replies)
... At first, it started with some numbness and tingling in my arms, from the elbow down. Though I didn't remember resting my elbows on anything, I assumed I was putting pressure on a nerve and causing this myself. ... (3 replies)
Oct 31, 2005
... First let me say that for the past month i have had symptoms of Trigeminal NEuralgia, however lately the pain seems to be targeting places other than my face as well... ... (0 replies)
... I have neuropathy in both legs and feet, as well as arms and hands due to nerve in my lumbar and spinal cord compression in my cervical spine. My first symptoms were leg weakness, especially my left leg. Also my balance was bad, causing several falls. ... (2 replies)
Thalamic pain
Mar 18, 2012
... I did go to Mayo in Rochester and visted a Dr. Lee who talked about pain surgery.Wire put into my brain while I was awake and tried to find an area that it helped. Attached to a pain box under the skin. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, my problems started last summer my left foot and shin fell asleep while walking it was a bit painful around my ankle but not unbearable. When I got home from my walk, I sat down and the pain went away. Over the next few months this happened again several times. ... (2 replies)
... ust too difficult, just one more thing to deal with if you know what I mean. It is easier just to go along with whatever it is that I never would have stood for in my healthy days. Second, because I am just sick and tired. I have been fighting and struggling, not knowing what was wrong with me, every single day. ... (110 replies)
... Can someone please guide me to what could possibly be causing my symptoms. For about 5 months now I have felt on my left side both arm and leg that they are weak. But there is no loss of function. ... (1 replies)
... to have found you. Over the last several months I've been experiencing leg pain and recently discussed it with my doctor who thought the use of Zocor might be a cause. ... (8 replies)
... soon. I am have done extensive research on this kind of stuff. The cause is different for all of us, but in the end we all have the same symptoms. Do you know what caused yours? ... (4 replies)
... well my numbness and burning is mostly on the exterior of my right thigh and behind the knee. The thigh of my leg feels like it's being ripped apart from the inside. my right hip gets hurting too. sitting too long, walking more than a couple of blocks standing too long... ... (4 replies)
... Peripheral Neuorapathy sounds somewhat similar to your description. But the numbness, burning, pin and needles are mostly in the feet and hands. Numbness does move up the leg. I believe the pressure on the nerves is heavier on the feet then the legs. ... (1 replies)

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