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... It has been a hard road the entire time, and only now in the past few months have I noticed positive dorsiflexion and movement. This is a condition that can really try even the most patient person, so hang in there. ... (42 replies)
... But the worst of it all, is the nerve damage that has occurred. Catastrophic is a good word to use. ... (83 replies)
... In April I had an accident in which I completely tore my LCL and had a small tear to my ACL also had peroneal nerve damage and foot drop. I had surgery in mid April to reconstruct the LCL, Doc said that we would wait and see how the ACL felt after healing from the LCL surgery. ... (0 replies)

... and he did a very thorough job from what I have been told. Originally like I said, it was thought that I only had nerve damage down below the knee, and he found the bad damage above the knee as well. ... (83 replies)
... Well I finally have an emg schedualed for the 22nd and I hope I will get some answers from that. I have been dealing with peroneal nerve damage resulting from a knee dislocation. I had terrible pain for the first month then it lessened to about a twinge here and there. ... (42 replies)
... I first posted a thread here in April after coming of my motorbike. Straight after the accident I couldn't dorsiflex my right foot. ... (42 replies)
... up. I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle in September '04. ... (83 replies)
... and my sciatic nerve was stretched by the retractor. I've had total drop foot since then with no improvement. I can feel just a bit on the inside of my foot, ankle and calf but I can't move any toes or my foot. ... (83 replies)
... welcome to the forum. but I'm sorry you have to be here in the first place. As for healing in 12 months or so, I have to say that's it's kind of difficult to put a time limit on something like this. ... (8 replies)
... That is just awful, I am very sorry that this has happened to you. I see foot drop often. Mostly in folks that have had strokes or some sort of accident that has rendered them unable to use their legs at all. ... (1 replies)
... construction done immediately and that was a good success my knee is very solid, but still suffered from foot drop. ... (83 replies)
Nov 2, 2008
... Welcome to the message boards...I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and will try to tell you about myself in the hope that it will help you too. Last December I broke my leg and as a result I developed drop foot of the right leg... ... (3 replies)
... Sorry you've had such a hard time of it these past eighteen months. If you look at my previous posts you will know that I had drop foot after a broken leg and that I had nerve release surgery, which really helped in my case. ... (42 replies)
... Now, the knee doesn't worry me, I played four years of club lacrosse in college on horrible, old turf and am not surprised if it may have been weakened in those times. ... (42 replies)
... i came the bad news. i ruptured the acl, pcl, and tore the lcl. pulled a chunk of bone out where the tendon was attached. and last but not least stretched the peroneal nerve. ... (83 replies)
... I also have drop foot as of april 22nd, 2004. It happened at work as a fellow employee fell of a scafling and landed on my back. ... (83 replies)
... Thanks for explaining you condition in such detail to I understand what is actually happening...actually it's a lot like mine, except that I have some slight movement upward and outward. ... (5 replies)
... On January 25th 08 I fractured both bones in my lower leg, the T at the very bottom and the F at the very top. ... (83 replies)
... back into all my old shoes again. When I wore a carbon brace, which was much more comfortable than the plastic variety, no limp was visible at all. However, one foot does feel different than another, and even now that I don't wear a brace anymore, I am very aware that my former drop foot foot has just become a strange foot. ... (1 replies)
... one from what I understand. All they're going to do is free the nerve, which the doctor believes became compressed during my fracture surgery. This will give my peroneal nerve and the nerve sheath the opportunity to heal on it's own...may or may not work, and it will be several weeks before I know anything. ... (3 replies)

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