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... TANYA: Well, unfortunately 14 months out, I still have those sensations you are describing. My surgeon claims he is sure they will go away but I am sure they won't. It's not because I am not a positive person but because I know my body and those feelings in my foot and leg have not even diminished a little bit since all of this started let alone since either surgery took... (83 replies)
... Hi Clonexx...I just found your reply, so as you can see I'm not too good in getting around this site. If my calculations are correct, you are having your tendon surgery today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. The very best of luck, and I hope you're home by Wednesday. Thanks for the information about the AFO. The one you describe from your PT sessions sounds... (83 replies)
... Small update here also. I am going in for Ligament and Tendon reconstruction surgery this Tuesday, March 4th. This is the first surgery I have ever had, so you could say I'm just a little on the nervous side. Would figure...for the first surgery I ever have to have, it's a 5-6 hour marathon which requires a large incision on the right side of my right leg. I am being... (83 replies)

... Hi Andi, Just wondering how the surgery went? And how things have been for you since? Hope everything has gone well for you. I emailed your man in Leeds and they have offered to see me at their clinic. Tempted to go just to get a 2nd opinion before my op at the end of March. Cheers Graeme (83 replies)
... I have another EMG scheduled for 7 weeks from now to see if there is any improvement. You are in the city I see Lynn...Im out on the island. (83 replies)
... Hi everyone. I was doing a search and found this thread that I posted to a long time ago. I am now 1 yr and 1 month post op tendon transfer on my drop foot with mixed results. I had to have a small revision surgery this past November because the screw in the top of my foot was coming out. It should have dissolved post op but did not so the surgeon when in, tightened some... (83 replies)
... Andi - Thanks for the update. First up, I have to say it's good you are so well informed. I am kinda stumbling into my op blindly. I havent seen a specialist for about 6 months and have pretty much forgotten what they told me back then! But, like you, if the worst case scenario is back to where we are now then there's not much to lose. so, is the hope that you will be able... (83 replies)
... Many thanks for the well wishes rebecca. The feeling is mutual. G-mac - Hiya mate. Now this is not an ankle fusion first of all. As im sure you know that is a very intrusive operation and completley restricts the ankle. Yes, the foot will remain at 90 degrees all the time, but it will still allow you to press down slightly against the tendons holding it up. it... (83 replies)
... Rebecca - Thanks for the good wishes. I hope you find a solution soon. Andi - Quite interested by your recent update. Does this mean you are having an ankle fusion? If you wont be able to dorsi flex what will be the main benefits of having the operation? Will it keep your foot at 90degrees all the time? All the very best with the surgery, fingers crossed for you :) (83 replies)
... Hello everyone, Just thought i would drop you a line to update you on my situation. I am going in for my tendon transfer on tuesday (19th feb 08), i am due to be in for a 2 night stay. following my meeting with the second surgeon he advised me that a tendon transfer which would allow me to dorsi flex (lift up) my foot again would not be suitable in this case, as he would... (83 replies)
... Rebecca/Mom - hope you guys are both further forward in your search for information. It is perhaps the most frustrating thing as I have found myself. Noone seems to want or is able to tell you how things will go! After 2 delays due to a new job, I have been pencilled in again for March 31. I have just told my boss and I hope it will go ahead this time. I really dont have a... (83 replies)
... Thank yoiu Rebecca... It's comforting to hear your words. And I hope and pray that you too get some more recovery and I wish you also the best for you and your family. I'll keep checking in with all of you to check your progress. (83 replies)
... i did have a plastic foot brace that i wore inside my shoe. this was extrememly uncomfortable. it actually made my knee more unstable and had a lot of pain in my foot from the device itself. eventually no other devices are needed in the future. all i have to do now is build the strength up in my leg. i lost alot of muscle strenght in my calf, front of leg that pulls the... (83 replies)
... Hi Mike, thanks for posting. It sounds like your operation has been a big success so far. Can I ask: did you have to wear a splint before? And do they reckon you will be able to do without it once you are back to full strength? That is the key for me. Not only is my splint a real pain, it has given me no end of secondary problems with my foot and leg. I am delaying my... (83 replies)
... hello again everybody. i had a tendon transfer done on july 17th of this year and i am having good results. the surgery lasted about 3 hours and i stayed in the hospital just one night. i originally injured myself in august of 05 playing softball. i dislocated my left knee and ruptured my acl, pcl, and lcl. right after the injury the doctors told me i had drop foot. it... (83 replies)
... Typical doctor is right mate!! they are a nightmare aren't they?! However, my email has provoked some fore-thought from the surgeon and he has written to a Nick Harris who apparentley has experience of the surgery. As and when I receive any info from him I will certainly post it on here for you. As for your questions I do know that the procedure would last around 3-4... (83 replies)
... Thanks Kippa, that was good to read although, typical doctor - his reply is so vague its untrue! I've found it so hard to get concrete information about the procedure. I think the truth is its quite a rare operation and so they cant really say for sure what the outcome will be. Cheers for the post anyway and if you hear any more please let us know. I had delayed my... (83 replies)
... Hi everyone, I thought I would share this email with you all. After reading some of the posts on here I had several questions regarding the tendon transfer, so I thought I would email my surgeon with the queries. I am currently pencilied in for a Mid Feb operation. I didnt want it to spoil Christmas!! The first paragraph is my initial email to my surgeons secretary, this... (83 replies)
... Hi, I would love to find some information on this also. I went to see my consultant this week about the posteria tibial tendon transfer and he said I would be a good candidate for the op. I am reluctant to have it done straight away as I have no information on the procedure. Am I right in thinking you have re-train your foot to 'pick up'? My surgeon gave me the... (83 replies)
... Hello all, Am pencilled in for a tendon transfer of the posterior tibial tendon on October 1 - yikes! Still not 100 percent sure of what the procedure involves and the rehabilitation involved apart from 6 weeks with my foot in a cast. Any other info would be gratefully received and I'll similarly update this thread if I hear any more. :) (83 replies)

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