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... Tanya and Graeme It has been 7 months since I read your last threads. I note that you are both steaming ahead. I also saw Nikki's thread and just want to tell you to persevere Nikki! Perhaps sharing some experiences described below may help somebody. - I stopped wearing the heavy AFO due to the fact that it made the pain worse because of the sensitivity of the... (42 replies)
Doctor won't help
Mar 10, 2009
... SURGEON NOW!!! You still have time, and that is so wonderful. Do a lot of research and find a neuro that does nerve grafts or transplants near you, but someone who is very credible that has been doing it a long time. ... (3 replies)
... Oh, my goodness, you poor dear. I can tell you a little bit about what I know as a nurse with what we call "foot drop". That is what I think you are describing. I have never seen this in people that can walk, only in people who are quadrapelegic or parapalegic. They get it because they can't move and they then become contracted, permanent positioning of an extremity. My... (3 replies)

... My diagnosis was pretty straight forward as I fell thru a plate glass door and a large shard of glass went right thru the nerve at the top of my leg! ... (2 replies)
... To anyone else looking in, I had a tendon transfer on my foot about 6 months ago after severing my sciatic nerve 14 years ago. ... (42 replies)
... nal ibuprofen when I do physical therapy for the thigh muscles which were greatly weakened from the traumatic bone break and resultant surgery...fortunately, the nerve pain mostly stays in the background and is just there...but it doesn't interfere with sleep, and mostly I'm just able to ignore it... ... (8 replies)
Aug 3, 2008
... inuing it for a while. The "new" therapist wanted to loosen some very tight muscles behind my right knee, and after pressing something quite hard back there, the nerve pain has acted up again...I'm really annoyed about about this, but I can understand how this happened as the muscles and nerves all run together back there ... ... (29 replies)
... which I took for a couple of months. Really this med didn't help at all and I slowly weaned myself off of it. I read online that Vitamin B6 would help with the nerve discomfort, so I've been taking that ever since...I really feel that it helped and I still take it now. In my case the pain has gotten much better... ... (8 replies)
... I'am going to have a nerve test soon and I'am wooried about the consequences of the results if they report that the nerves are dead. I'am thinking about you pain and problems. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Kippa, Thanks for letting me know about the movement of your foot in such detail...I seem to have a different problem than you and Graeme, since I can push down really strong and can also invert my foot as well...can also lift it up about an inch and a half, and evert to the outside about 3 inches, but that's it...when you say that you can't dorsiflex...move the foot... (3 replies)
May 15, 2008
... Hi Tanya, Well, not long back from the hospital. It was quite weird, my head is still spinning actually. Saw 2 nurses who, eventually, got my cast off. The consultant wasnt around so I just sat and stared at my foot for 10 mins wondering if it had worked or not. Then the consultant came in, had a quick look at it, got me to hobble around a bit then told me just to go home... (29 replies)
Apr 30, 2008
... or right foot is the affected foot as well. Although I may eventually have to have your type of surgery, I've just found out that I'm a candidate for nerve release surgery...we're just waiting to see if I make any more improvement on my own, but I think this is it... ... (29 replies)
... LCL and pernoeal nerve injury from playing soccer 5 years ago. ... (83 replies)
... Dear Tanya8, Thanks for the information that is great to hear that even if not as quick or as much as any would like there is some progress, and that is great news I am very happy for you and certainly hope it picks up speed from here. I had my first active PT session yesterday where I started on exercises and was beyond ecstatic to have some positive results, while I... (83 replies)
... Have you gone for an EMG and nerve test yet in order to determine the exact nature of your problem? ... (83 replies)
... Hi there Sean:wave::wave: Glad to hear you have your surgery behind you now...that must be a huge relief. I do hope that your post op pain eases up and that you are now on the road to a speedy and full recovery. I still have to face all of this somewhere down the road and am not looking forward to it. I have had surgery before and am not really looking forward to this... (83 replies)
... Surgery is done, it went well. He had to repair my Meniscus as well. I didn't get out of the hospital until Friday though due to 2 Femoral nerve blocks they did. ... (83 replies)
... Lynn Thank you for sharing so much information about the tendon transfer, the AFO and the insurance, and everything else. This is such a peculiar condition that people who haven’t experienced it don’t even know what I’m talking about. Although I doubt that the tingling and weirdness I feel in my right leg will ever go away, the awful nerve pain I experienced in the... (83 replies)
... Lynn, thanks for the information about HHS...this is definitely where I will go if I am a candidate for tendon transfer surgery. Also, thanks for the realistic description of what is involved in this kind of surgery as well. It sure doesn't sound like you walk in, get it fixed, and then walk out again. If it works, then all of it is worth it in the end. You're now 14... (83 replies)
... I agree, unless someone has had drop foot, they really can't quite imagine what it's like. There are things out there to help it, like an AFO. An AFO is basically a leaf spring that attaches to your calf and slips into your shoe/sneaker and goes underneath your foot. It has some flex to it, and basically keeps your foot "up" instead of dragging on the ground. You can walk... (83 replies)

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