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... mm stretch and was told the nerve would heal at a rate of approximately 1mm per month, then things may start improving. ... (4 replies)
... The factured bone has now almost been healed but my foot is still dropped. EMG and nerve conduction tests were done 2 times with 3 months apart, which indicated peroneal nerve damage and no sign of recovering in almost 6 months. ... (12 replies)
... I undersand how all of you feel. I had an emg done on my feet foot and right calf where I damaged the peroneal nerve. I have suffered almost half the feeling in my right foot. ... (16 replies)

... I also didn't drink any alcohol and took good care of my health, as I heard drinking alcohol can inhibit nerve regeneration! It all took a couple months for me to be able to get around without my brace! ... (4 replies)
... Hey Jess, I have excellent news, my nerves regenerated and I have full function back in in my foot and ankle! For three months, whenever I got the chance, I would 'will' my toes to wiggle (as I heard that sending signals down the nerve could help), and one day, it wiggeled! It was the best feelings ever! Slowly, everyday I would sit there and try to wiggle my toes as much... (4 replies)
... Hi Tanya , I cant find any new news from you, how are you doing with the foot, you seem to give us all much hope, would be good to hear from you. Cheers Pamela 43:: (42 replies)
... Hi has anyone out there had a dropped foot and had a succesfull recovery, and been able to walk again normally, without surgery or using an AFO.I am so sick of living in hope, its been eighteen months since my accident, all I hear from the medical people nerves can take up to two years to repair. (42 replies)
... Cheers Tanya. Going in on Monday so hopefully will be quite straightforward. Your progress is unbelievable! I actually think you might go so far to be actually in a better shape by the end than when this all started for you! :D If you ever want to get in touch directly I'm on my username here at hot mail d o t c o m (42 replies)
... Hey Graeme...just sending up a flare to see how you're doing! Sorry to hear you have to go to the hospital again, but if that bracket is not doing anything, I guess it's better if it comes out. Please post before you go to the hospital so I can root for you. I'm coming along, as they say, and my progress is so gradual I don't really notice anything anymore...but when I... (42 replies)
... Hi everyone, Hope you're all doing well and finding out answers. I had the tendon transfer operation of the post-tib tendon about 18 months ago. Not got a helluva lot of movement but the foot is no longer dropping (as much) which is the main thing I guess. Randomly a metal bracket came loose in my foot (think it was there to hold the transferred tendon in place but is... (42 replies)
... Hi pal, Thanks for the nice words. My situation is ok I guess. The op I need will be pretty minor and will only need a local anasthaetic (sp?!). Not sure what difference it will make but it wont do any harm. My biggest problem now is my Achilles. It gets really tight quite easily and when it's like that it's a bit harder to walk. I have to confess to being a bit lax... (42 replies)
... Hi Graeme, I'm so glad that you have sort of a fixable mechanical problem and that your drop foot is not returning! ---sorry to hear that you'll need another surgery, but this one will only make your improved situation better, so I hope it won't be that bad after all. As for myself, things are pretty much the same, except that the function I've regained is becoming more... (42 replies)
... Hi all - I developed drop foot from a long hospital stay due to Acute Pancreatitis. I was sedated for about 6 weeks, and bascially I woke up and had it in both legs. No one can explain to me what, why, when, how, etc. It has been 13 months since the "injury", and I have seen some strength improvments, but no motor improvments. I have been told it will take 18-24 months... (42 replies)
... Hello All, I haven't posted in this forum for some time, but I have read through a few of the messages and I am always grateful for everyone's input and information. Any information is always a helpful thing on "drop foot island." I am curious about people's AFO stories. Graham, I was having similar trouble with foot calluses / rawness on my non-affected foot due to... (42 replies)
... Hello all Thought I would keep this thread moving along for those still following it and/or looking for advice. My own situation hasnt changed much in recent months. A few months ago I was worried that my drop foot was going to come back but, touch wood, it seems to be ok, albeit my dorsiflexion never really improved any. I've been having physio most weeks but it hasnt... (42 replies)
... Hello, my name is Scott and I am from Central Wisconsin USA. Two nights ago I badly sprained my left ankle foolishly running down stairs. Went to the Hospital yesterday and got x-rayed and came back with no broken bones. The doctor was concerned I am not able to Dorsiflex. I was sent home with a brace boot and I have a follow up appointment with an orthopedist doctor in... (42 replies)
... Thanks for the prompt message Bobby Flay. My doctors initially gave me a splint/brace that goes inside the shoe and up the back of the leg with a strap going around the calf. It is uncomfortable, but with a soft insert and a thick sock it is just bearable. It keeps my foot at a right angle and enables me to walk quicker without that fear of tripping over my own toes. I saw an... (42 replies)
... So, is there anyone out there who has had a tendon transfer done for their footdrop? I FINALLY got an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon next Friday! YAY! My husband and I are going to have to drive 7 hours to see him, but if it can help then it will be well worth it. I'm just trying to find out more about this procedure and the likelihood of my ortho approving me for... (42 replies)
... Someone please give me advice!!! After living with foot drop for about five years now, I am finally at my wits end. I had pelvic cancer, (sarcoma), back in '05 and the doc had to sever two of my nerves, (I'm guessing main one was poroneal), to remove it and left me with right foot drop and hip weakness. To make a long story short, after TONS of research and doctor's... (42 replies)
My progress
Feb 24, 2009
... Hi Nikki, Great to hear from you both. Nikki - I'm really chuffed for you that you're beginning to see some progress. There's nothing more dispiriting than feeling nothing is happening. Hope you continue to get better and keep us all regularly updated. Anything we can try to help you with, please ask (Tanya will be better than me at explaining probably :D) As for me, I... (1 replies)

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