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... Hi Graeme--- Thanks for letting me moan and groan about things a bit---I think that doctors tend to look at things a bit differently than we do. My doctors see where I'm coming from and they see tremendous progress...and there is tremendous progress. But I remember completely normal, and I'm not there yet. There are sensory issues of pressure and pulling, which I may... (42 replies)
... Hola! Glad to hear you are coming along nicely. Do you notice the lesser dorsiflexion much? Is it restricting your walking? Slightly alarming that your docs think you are "back to normal" when you dont feel that way. I genuinely think that all medical professionals, no matter how well intentioned, can never know what its like to be a patient and feel what we feel, both... (42 replies)
... Hi GMAC I'm so glad that our exchanges have been comforting to you, and it's really nice of you to say so as well---If if remember correctly, it was about this time last year when I was really feeling pretty low. You know how it is--no one to really talk to that would understand this unique problem and no end of inscrutable doctors who mean well, but are not much use in the... (42 replies)

... Hey Tanya Thanks again for replying, you've been a real rock. I guess I was naiive to think that once the op was done and I'd finished seeing the surgeon, physios etc that that would be it. Not for one moment did I envisage having further problems down the line. After my initial shock (as you could probably tell in my last message :D) I'm not too despondent now. I have... (42 replies)
... Hey Tanya Hows things? I took your advice, made an appointment to see the surgeon and saw him this afternoon. He didnt give me too much of an examination but had a quick look at my foot and agreed that it had dropped a bit. He didnt seem to have any explanation for this or any real solutions either. He muttered something about an ankle fusion or going back to wearing an AFO... (42 replies)
... Hi GMAC... Thanks for filling me in about the rest of your situation. I didn't realize that you were noticing any changes with your walking, and that is something to be concerned about. As for your surgeon, I think that surgeons in general must all go to the same "charm" school no matter what country they reside in. I've found them to be not the easiest people to... (42 replies)
... Hi Tanya Thanks for replying. I again have to question the role of my surgeon in all this. He undoubtedly did a great job but I still question why he delayed me getting physio and why he elected to stop it after just 6 weeks. I remember he made some sort of patronising comment like 'Will we let you get on with your life?' which meant to me that everything was fine and I... (42 replies)
... Hi GMAC... Thanks for your kind words about my helping you...actually I think we're all helping each other in this foot drop's real pain to treat and to live with... After reading your message, I'm surprised that your podiatrist and bio-mechanic (what is that GMAC...don't think we have those in the US) were the first ones to notice that your foot might be... (42 replies)
... Hey Tanya, thanks for the nice message. You've been a big help, just wish other folk here in Scotland over the past 14 years had given me as much information. :mad: Anyway.... :) Got a bit of an update on my situation. Went to see a podiatrist just for a check-up on my foot and ended up seeing a bio-mechanic. Just as well as she thought my foot might be starting to drop a... (42 replies)
... Hey's been a while since I've been here, and I'm glad to hear you're doing so well...I'm coming along, as they say, and don't have too much more to report except that I'm only wearing my elastic ankle support about half the time now...I must be getting better, since I'm not tripping all over the place... I still have a squeezing feeling around the ankle, and I don't... (42 replies)
Nov 3, 2008
... Nikki, You're very welcome...although it seems as if everything will take a long time to happen from where you are now, when you look back on this in another year or so, it won't seem that long at all... Please keep in touch and post from time to time to let me know how you are doing...and if you have any questions at all, I'd be happy to answer them...take care and feel... (3 replies)
Nov 3, 2008
... Tanya Thank you so much for your reply. Your comments have made me feel alot more positive and gives me hope that I will recover even if it is slow. (Thats better than nothing at all)! Thanks again. Nikki (3 replies)
... Hey Gmac, it's so good to hear from you again...sounds like you're really doing great and I'm so happy for you... Right now I feel as if the decompression surgery has been an incredible success, and I'm so happy. My ankle is able to move inwards, outwards, and downwards fully, and it can move a little more than halfway upwards...and it also feels a lot stronger as... (42 replies)
Aug 16, 2008
... Hi gmac ...back to my old self again and the leg is feeling back to normal after the different physical therapist...normal for it, that is...sometimes I think I see more progress and sometime I don't, and at this point it's really hard to tell...thankfully I have my old therapist back, and she sees improvement, so I'm just trying to get back into a normal life now... I... (29 replies)
... Hi glad to hear that you are coming along...and hooray to you for getting in the car so soon ... I was a real chicken and waited so many months...didn't want to know if I would be driving really badly...also, it seems as if therapy is already doing great things for for the leg being shaky, even though the leg has healed, you'll still have to build up your... (8 replies)
... Elandre - Thank you for the nice message. I am relatively content with what I've achieved but am hoping it will improve further thru time. Best case scenario would have been to be able to run and play sport (soccer mainly) again and worst case would have been if the op had totally failed and I still had drop foot. So being somewhere in the middle I guess I'm quite happy. And... (8 replies)
... Hi Graeme and Tanya. Well Graeme it really seems as if modern medicine has now had its way with you. Although I was extremely fortunate to end up with the Orthopaedic Surgeon I did and have changed to a better Fisiotherapist I also discovered through "spywork" that there should be some improvement after 3 months but that things on the whole depend on myself from here in the... (8 replies)
Aug 15, 2008
... Hi Tanya Hope you're both doing well and making progress. Wee update: had another appointment with the surgeon yesterday. Pretty much closes the book. He asked if I was satisfied with the operation and whether I felt it had been a success. I said I was pretty happy with it, especially not having to wear the AFO. He then made some grandiose, patronising comment like "Shall... (29 replies)
... Hi Tanya Thank you for your informative and very helpful previous mail. I am happy to hear that your pain became bearable after 3-4 months. Also gmac indicates that his situation only got better after 6 months. Bottom line is that it seems to get better one way or another, but that time is the ultimate answer. I am now on serious pain medication since I nearly lost my mind in... (8 replies)
Aug 2, 2008
... Hi Elandre - My initial accident was 14 years ago so I can't remember the pain situation in detail, or maybe I've just blotted it out my mind! All I do know is that I was in a lot of pain at the time and was on painkillers and various medications for about 6 months, after which I was fine. The best advice I could give you is to constantly enquire. Over the past 14 years... (29 replies)

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