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... Could anyone please tell me what you consider a safe amount of Vit B6. I have read over and over again on how too much Vit B6 can cause Neuropathy or symptoms of Neuropathy. But yet, B-100 as some peeps have mentioned has 100 mg of B6. Im wonderen if that is still considered "too high". Also, Ive read there is no toxic limt for B12. When my neuropathy symptoms started, my... (4 replies)
... Hi Sconzette, I've been taking the Cymbalta for about two weeks now, and I didn't see many side effects. I take 30mg 2x a day. The only thing I really noticed is that if I take it in the morning on any empty stomach it upsets my stomach right away. The only other thing I've noticed is that right after taking it I'm pretty alert, not jittery though, but after a few hours it... (7 replies)
... Hi Rich, Hope your feeling ok! My neuro just gave me Cymbalta for my small nerve polyneuropathy. I was Dx with the skin punch biopsy, still no cause! Are you still taking Cymbalta? Do you have any side effects? I know your on it for a short time, but Im wondering how you feel, I am afraid to take it (Cymbalta) because of all the "horrible" side effects I read about. I may need... (7 replies)

... Hi, I'm new to this forum. Wonder if anyone else has symptoms like mine or if anyone has any ideas about what might be causing them. Over the last 3-4 weeks I'm waking up with numb legs - very numb in right leg down outer thigh and random spots of numbness in left thigh. It's getting worse. It's numb as opposed to pins and needles - feels like I have no sensation in the... (0 replies)
... I'm having the same problem. Right foot stays swollen, and all the toes tingle and feel like pins and needles all the time. It kinda feels like it's asleep multiplied by 100. I can barely walk it hurts so bad. ... (7 replies)
... rating at night. I have a high pain tolerance, drove myself home 90 miles right after having outpatient surgery pins in wrist for a fracture. ... (8 replies)
... dx with pred. I Have been suffern for over 1 yr with neuropathic pain. It started with pins and needles in my feet and legs and burning sensations under my feet. It has spread to my lower arms and fingers, this is very painful and worse at night.. ... (5 replies)
... Hi. I am not sure that I have any suggestions for you. I feel like I am in the same boat as you. I have been thru 7 spine sugeries; which includes putting in a spinal cord stimulator and removing it since it didnt work. I had gone thru an EMG and it showed severe nerve damage in the neck and low back; severe arthritis and neuropathy probably due to both the spinal issue... (9 replies)
... but no diagnosis. I do not want to take it because I really do not hurt bad, just pins and needles, and I need to get some weight lost so I have a better chance of my stenosis not returning. ... (0 replies)
... I've had Type II diabetes for about 7 years now. I assume these pinprick sensations I experience fall under the category of neuropathy. I just can't stand them anymore! I get 'pricked' about every 15-30 seconds, day & night. I get them all over my body. They hurt & itch at the same time, and I have to rub/scratch the area to make it stop. Other times they feel more like... (4 replies)
... I explained I get a burning sensation in my feet, I get pins and needles, loss of feeling and when walking I feel like the nerve in my leg is going to snap. ... (6 replies)
Aug 2, 2012
... I have been experiencing pins and needles that started in my feet and hands and then moved to my arms, face legs, etc randomly. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, my name is Dana and I was wondering if you could help me by answering a question. I am a 26 year old female, in good shape, 129 lbs, 5' 6". I worked in an office job all last year which required a lot of sitting. Three months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with my right leg numb. For the last three months, I have had nerve pain (pins and needles), muscle... (1 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with neuropathy in both of my legs via Nerve Conduction study and EMG. The extent of leg difficutly was pins and needles in my right foot. I also recently had been experiencing weak feelings in my arms as well. I have been fearing ALS for the past month. ... (0 replies)
... I had a bad bmx accident and mangled my right hand. My hamate hook was destroyed and some more bones busted. I hade my hook totally replaced and pinned in. The pins came out and i was supposed to be good to go, but the 4th and 5th side of my hand is still bad. My pinky and ring finger are numb, tingly and do not work. ... (4 replies)
... hi, i am a 67year old male for a number of years around 7-8ish i have had gradually increasing back problems diagnosed fairly recently as spinal stenosis at the time of examination the consultant figured there was something else wrong as i had numbnes in the legs and pins and needle up as far as the knees maybe a bit higher muscles reducing in size and getting weeker now at... (2 replies)
... What caused your injury? So youre basically saying they cannot really give you timetable for recovery until they determine the extent of the damage? I mean I can move all my fingers I just can't fully extend them. I think that there has been very minor improvement since last Friday, but I'm not totally sure. Thanks for the reply and best of luck to you as well. (3 replies)
... a year if it does to get range of motion and strength back up...also to give more time if it can heal and avoid surgery if possible.... because the numbness and pins and needles wont ever go away if i do the surgery route.... jeeze sorry for the straight forward news and good luck with it keep me up to date on your recovery.. ... (3 replies)
... These can be quite painful, prickling sensations, itching, tingling, crawling sensations and recently pins and needles in my hands and feet that come and go. ... (4 replies)
... I'm currently on a quick flare up of my symptoms, pain, tingling, twitching, itchng, pins and needles, burning sensation, weakness, you name it, and they're everywhere, though my hands and feet are the most affected. ... (4 replies)

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