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... Has he had an MRI of the lumbar area and a separate one of the hip? The reason I ask is that if the groin pain is involved it could be something involving the hip. I have similar pain which starts at the right pelvic area and travels down to my right front thigh. There is an extreme burning sensation along with a pins-and-needles type of sensation, which tends to make my quad... (6 replies)
Thalamic pain
Mar 18, 2012
... mg twice a day. Bachlofen 5 mg 2 x aday for leg spasms. I have pain left side of body searing heat and pins in my eye,ear,left arm, left side and leg feels like a pickup sitting on it. ... (3 replies)
... pain in my arms and leggs, pins and needles in the whole body. It started september 2011 with the numbness in my right arm, hand. ... (1 replies)

... Do have pins needles razorblades knives burning itching. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Beth, IVIG is Intravenous Immunoglobulin therapy, they take the antibodies from the plasma of thousands of people and they clean the blood and test it for viruses, germs and so forth, then they give it to people who have immune mediated diseases, it is used for Small Fiber Neuropathy but its considered off label and so the insurance tries to find ways for not paying for... (12 replies)
... Yes I have, sounds a lot like how mine started out, I had horrible pains in my right shoulder blade, then started getting pains down my arm, & tingling. The pain got much worse over time, to the point where I couldn't sleep I was in so much pain. my doctor ordered a MRI, wich is what you need to have done, and they discovered I blew a disk in my neck. I never had pain in my... (4 replies)
... then pain, pins and needles, twitching, you name it. ... (2 replies)
... I am 8 months post-stroke and have recovered most of my mobility and can function normally in most of my daily activities with minor adaptations. At about 5 months post-stroke I developed nerve pain on most of the left side of my body. It feels like "pins and needles" of the worse kind constantly. I have been prescibed 'nortriptyline' by my physiatrist. We haven't got the... (0 replies)
... Hi all, A week ago I injured my ulnar nerve while doing jiu-jitsu. Basically, my elbow was hyper-extended, but in a direction perpendicular to the direction the elbow bends (so, with my hand out in front and palm facing up, my ulnar nerve was stretched as my forearm was torqued away from my body). I've had an X-ray and an MRI, no fracture and the nerve isn't severed,... (5 replies)
... Are you saying if an EMG doesn't pick it up, it's not neuropathy? My doctor said that was mainly to detect pinched nerves. What if my nerves are being attacked by inflammation? How in the world could I not have neuropathy when my body tingles from head to toe. I burn like I'm on fire. I have shooting pains. Twitches. Muscle spasms. Prickling/pins and needles... It... (11 replies)
... Tingling, prickling, pins and needles, shooting pains, spasms, twitching, burning,, what am I forgetting, I don't know? ... (11 replies)
... gets very prickly, like pins and needles everywhere, I feel like a voodoo doll. I eat a banana and literally feel better shortly after! ... (24 replies)
... Some of it feels like pain in my bones as well. Much of it feels like random stabbing feelings. A few times I've had pins and needle sensations in my toes and fingers..however, it usually feels like deeper aching pain. ... (6 replies)
... When a muscel goes into a spasm it can aggravate a nerve/s, just see how it goes like the doc said for a couple of weeks, it may just settle down in a few days, but if it gets worse get another opinion. (7 replies)
... okay so I just had an appointment with a doc, he pressed along my spine and told he if there was no pain lifting my arms to the sky etc then theres notheing to be concerned about. He also said that if the tingling doesnt go away in 2 weeks timee to see a chiropractor. Im just not so sure, I didnt really understand what he thought was the cause. He thinks I pulled somthing... (7 replies)
... Well, if it was me i would make time to go and see a doctor, who after an examination would be in the best position to make any judgements, as far as if it requires urgent attention or not. (7 replies)
... Hi Aussie, thanks for your reply. no, did no lifting prior. If it it is inflamation or whatever how long would it normally last? Im kinda busy the next few days so Im not going to be able to see a doc, would I be running any risks by not seeing a GP straight away? Im just hopeing that its just going to go away. (7 replies)
... Hi, I would go to your local GP, they can order basic tests and if a neuro is needed they will refer you to one, might just be a mononeuropathy caused by inflamation, but best to get it checked out properly. Did you lift anything heavy prior to your trouble ? good luck Aussie (7 replies)
... so should I give it somemore time? or should I see a doc asap? My parents dont think its anything to worry about. dont u have to see a doctor first before you can see a Neurologist? The numbness and tingling is only in my back today. Im kind of worried the doc will think im crazy if I go see him. does this sound serious enough? (7 replies)
... You for sure need to see a doctor...I'd go to a Neurologist and he for sure can check you out/order some tests for won't know anything till that is done. Hope you have a better Friday. J (7 replies)

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