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... I'm going to print this out to give to my new dr and hope that I can get a script for this Cymbalta. Past experience is they have been very unwilling to give me any meds that have any effect (going on 5 years). My Neurologist did just give me a script for Tramadol but only 30 pills and no refill. It helps only if I take it before I do much walking etc. but... does nothing to... (8 replies)
... my dr couldnt find a cause of my sfn, but i had severe back pain, sciatica, and a bulging disc prior to the pain beginning, so im 99% sure the neuropathy started from nerve damage in my lower back. the pain began in my right foot and then after 2 epidurals for my bulging disc, it spread bodywide within weeks. i have all the pins/needles bodywide, electrical currents on my... (25 replies)
... hard to make a fist...then after a while easier to move but pins are still there... ... (6 replies)

... and the pain has improved to just needing ibuprofen, still some swelling and impressive brusing. But the nerve seems very irritated, lots of pins and needles, somewhat related exactly how I have the arm, but it is always there. ... (5 replies)
... i was taking daily- 3600 mg neurontin 30 mg cymbalta 50 mg nortriptyline still having nerve pain in my foot and pins/needles in my hands, my doctor upped my cymbalta to 60 mg/daily. my hand pins/needles were masked COMPLETELY. i was curious how well the cymbalta was working, so i tried decreasing my neurontin. well, i am down to 1800 mg/daily of neurontin!!! so,... (8 replies)
... in my c6 c7 in my neck not sure if that is causing me to loose my balance and my legs to gave out with no warning a couple of weeks ago. i have been also having pins needles in my left hand wish is not going away. I had a mri already but my doctor messed up on the test. ... (13 replies)
... Hi i been going though a lot of muscle twiching in my body for seven weeks. Now a couple of days ago i started having pins in needles in my left hand. I had pins in needles for over 6 hours on one day the second day i had it over four hours. ... (13 replies)
... with pins and needles in legs, feet and toes? ... (7 replies)
... It seems like neuropathy symptoms might be difficult to diagnose. My son has had pins and needles and muscle weakness for years and we have seen every doctor imaginable, but we still have no diagnosis. ... (23 replies)
Sharing my case
Feb 10, 2010
... It continued to weird numbness, tingling, burning sensations, pins and needles, water in my toes, you name it. ... (0 replies)
... I found your information very interesting. Ive been fighting neuropathy for many years and have tried many things with little luck. Ifound your epidural info very interesting. Is there any chance you could be more specific on exactly where in the lumbar region it was given. My pain mgt. doctor has told me they have found spots in the lower back recently that effect your feet,... (28 replies)
... l because he thinks I am imagining my symptoms. Meanwhile from your posts I find all my symptoms, pain in feet, numbness, burning that goes beyond just the feet, pins and needles, etc. are just what you all are experiencing. ... (19 replies)
... long periods of time, my legs felt like lead. Almost too heavy to want to keep walking. And my feet would burn. That was the beginning. Later developed into pins and needles type feelings in my legs and feet, not only when standing and walking, but also sleeping. ... (28 replies)
... f lowering the doses I realized that it was doing more than I thought. I'm now taking 450mg x 2 daily. The SFN left me somewhat alone today with only burning and pins in my feet. I feel that was a blessing. Tonight though, it is making up for lost time. Burning, pins, and needles all over. ... (106 replies)
... Hi, Has anyone experienced this? If I happen to lay flat on my back (which would pretty much be while sleeping), I almost always wake up with my arms completely numb and immovable. It takes a while but feeling does come back and I am able to move around again. I've noticed this while laying in bed and even laying on the floor. I also get arm numbness if I sleep on flat on... (4 replies)
May 7, 2008
... read that a Lyrica side effect could be numbness and sensations of pins and needles? ... (13 replies)
... I thought it would just go away but it seems like it is getting worse. I now have a numb or pins and needle feeling across the bridge of my nose to go along with my right ear area. By my ear also feel a pressure of some sort. I am a 26 year old male. ... (1 replies)
... Also, does anyone know if you should still feel some pins and needles after the surgery, as the nerve heals? ... (5 replies)
... hi.....I've had pn for about 25 years. You ask: "aren't you supposed to have no feeling come we get pain. That is the paradox..... While it is normal to have no feeling in various body parts, that does not mean you will not have pain. The opposite is true. But, with the pain medications around today, you don't have to have pain or pins and needles, etc. You can... (7 replies)
B12 nerve repair
Jul 9, 2007
... at all. Immediately after the injections I have a bump in energy but that only lasts a few days before I am back to feeling like I was hit by a mack truck. The pins and needles have also continued. Now my doctor is talking about sending me to a neurologist. ... (7 replies)

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