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... When the muscle gets irritated it spasms and then irritates the sciatic nerve. The nerves of the sacral plexus comes off the sacrum at different levels, and each nerve travels through or next to the muscles of the pelvis and buttocks. ... (14 replies)
... up visit, nor have they referred me on to anyone else. i guess i'm wondering if my symptoms are consistent with an si joint problem, piriformus syndrom, or with pudendal nerve entrapment, and if so, where would you recommend i go to get help... ... (14 replies)
... I have just had surgery to release my pudendal nerve and in my recovery time I thought I would let other sufferers know how it is going. I did not experience rectal pain, mine was perineal and in the labia. ... (14 replies)

... For about a year I have been experiening rectal pains that feel like almost like numbness and urinary incontinence. In addition to this I am having sciatica nerve pain down my right leg. ... (4 replies)
... I have had rectal pains for a long time and no dr. can help me , and I just learned about this nerve entrapment called pudendal nerve that can cause this pain. I am new to this whole problem and very scared too. ANyone here have this problem and if so, what do you know about it? ... (14 replies)
... I have piriformis syndrome but I don't know too much about pudendal nerve entrapment. ... (4 replies)
... I have been going to pelvic floor p.t. This therapist said my pain may be pudendal nerve pain after having this pain for 2 years. IF you can find a pelvic floor specialist in your area you may start to get some answers to your questions. ... (4 replies)
... I have some experience with both of these. Piriformis Syndrome - They thought I had this. The kind of doctor that suspected this for me was a neurologist. He then sent me to a physical therapist, but I have more to say about that later. Pudendal Nerve Entrapment - I have this, well I had this before surgery. Only a handful of doctors in the US even know what this is, so... (4 replies)
Pudendal nerve
Mar 30, 2009
... how to make pudendal nerve healthy? ... (0 replies)
... about 1 year now can hardly sit down, it's now painful and the temp. rise is still there. I've had an MRI and CT scan and they say all is fine. My Dr. mentioned Pudendal nerve, started reading on it and it sounds like me. Does anyone out there have a similar story. Also has anyone seen Ken Renney in Houston? ... (0 replies)
... I don't know of any on the east coast. (0 replies)
... Read up on his website, then talk to this doctor. (0 replies)
... how do I know if I have pudendal nerve entrapment? ... (0 replies)
... pudendal nerve doctors on east coast? ... (0 replies)
... Just wanted to add a note here after I reread this part of your problem. This ischial tuberosity pain, was also something I had for a while. Yes, the pudendal slides down around the bone here and runs back up into the groin to innervate much of the internal and external sexual organs and sphincter muscles. ... (14 replies)
... escribe some very easy manauvers to fis the SI joint. They won't kill you and they are mild enough to do even if you have some pain now. I also had the Pendendal nerve problem and just recently figured out where it is hung up and how to get it fixed. I have a long way to go because they've been 'gone' for 9 months. ... (14 replies)
... a traumatic childbirth fifteen years ago. While a hypermobile sacrum has long been presumed the culprit, I've had a nagging suspicion for some time that there is nerve damage and today a physical therapist voiced that same suspicion. ... (8 replies)
... er, it feels like electricity shooting through my buttock. Before the second surgery, I had a lot of rt. S.I. Joint pain. I was going to have an injection of the pudendal nerve, but then I remembered that I had an injection of the S.I. joint months before surgery, and things got much worse. ... (0 replies)
... Hello Pat lindak, I wish I could have talked to you before you had your surgery, because I am quite certain that what you are most likely suffering from is Pudendal Neuropathy, which is an entrappment of the Pudendal nerve. ... (1 replies)
... So when I google burning, nerve pain and including vagina, I get Pudendal neuralgia and vulvodynia. Which honestly sound both very close to my vag symptoms. What confuses me though, I also have nerve pain in other places. ... (0 replies)

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