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... have deQuervain's Tendinitis in both wrists. ... (2 replies)
... I had a recent CT scan that showed 7 "haves" and since it is in a different language I cannot interpret it completely. ... (2 replies)
... C6. They would go into my hands are really hurt! I also began to loose muscle strength in my arms. I had surgery because I was told the disc pieces were pressing on the spinal cord and to not have surgery would be to risk paralysis. ... (2 replies)

... motor peripheral Neuropathy in August 2010. I had started complaining about leg and foot pain since 2006 and to make my nightmare short, I had a total knee replacement in November 2008 on my right knee. ... (3 replies)
... It makes no sense that I'm numb yet can be in such awful pain. ... (8 replies)
... I have been an assembly line worker in the auto industry going on nine years. September 17, 2008 I had carpal and cubital tunnel release on my left arm. ... (2 replies)
... I a am 28 year old mom of 3. I was diagnosed with late Lyme infection in Feb. ... (1 replies)
... You said it's not due to your spine.... I had sudden HORRID shooting pains in my neck and right under the back part of my skull so bad that it caused me to go into muscle spasms some times and I would feel similar to what you explained.... ... (2 replies)
... g happening with my hands. It's like they are nervous. They get sweaty and feel like blood is rushing to them. Maybe a little tingling. Then the right one had a pain shooting from my wrist up to my middle finger. It comes and goes. It is so weird. I am trying not to panic. ... (0 replies)
... ng pains quite a bit. Those are worse than the constant burning feeling. I was at my wits end with those before I got to an optimal dose of Lyrica. It's a big pain because it causes such sleepliness so you have to work up very slowly. It takes about 2 months to get there but it really is worth the effort. ... (1 replies)
... I had surgery about 3 weeks ago and when the nurse was trying to put in my IV she couldn't get it in right so she took it back out and decided to place it somewhere else on my hand. ... (0 replies)
... My hands have been MUCH worse lately..esp when I first wake up...VERY stiff and will at times get those same shooting pain in my fingers that I do in my feet...wondering if it is due to the temps getting a bit lower...our nights are in the high 60's now compared to high 90's.... ... (14 replies)
... shoulder and shooting down my arm. Usually on the left side although sometimes on my right. My right shoulder blade burns when I sit in one position too long. ... (1 replies)
... I too had surgery on both my hands for carple tunnel. In 2000 I had surgery on both my elbows because of the same symptoms you mentioned. ... (1 replies)
... A lot of symptoms have went away. Like shooting pains in my legs and pins and needles. ... (1 replies)
... old female, healthy, just lost 90 lbs in 13 months. ... (14 replies)
... joint pain in my fingers and toes. the 3 middle toes on my right foot keep going kind of numb and my feet are cold. ... (4 replies)
... As far as I can remember, this whole thing started in about March of this year when I went to Paris for a long weekend with a friend of mine who is a wheelchair user. ... (2 replies)
... ups, been in the ER as the whole left side of my body went numb, am now seeing a Lyme Literate dr to at least rule out chronic Lyme. ... (6 replies)
Symptoms of SFN
Sep 20, 2013
... cold going through my hands particularly. feels like I have been injected with something. ... (6 replies)

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