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... What is this doctor's name? Can you tell a little bit about how this doctor has helped? (1 replies)
... Best doctor for small fiber sensory neuropathy at Johns Hopkins (1 replies)
Sensory neuropathy
Apr 26, 2009
... I have had small nerve fiber sensory neuropathy since1999. ... (2 replies)

... You mention in your post that you had small fiber neuropathy. Was it caused by the medicine you took? ... (9 replies)
... My neuropathy has been caused from my occupation as a chemist. At this point, doctors feel that I have a very slim chance of getting better. ... (14 replies)
... I've been reading postings on this site for a few weeks, but haven't written anything until now. Iím so glad thereís a place like this to exchange information and offer some support. Iím having a really rough time with it all... I was diagnosed with small fiber peripheral neuropathy (although no nerve biopsy done yet) a few months ago after struggling, misdiagnosed, for... (5 replies)
... climbing stairs difficulties you mention, and it's not that common in SFN, even as you match the time criteria given in this study for developing large fiber issues. ... (8 replies)
... What I get annoyed about is when people think that because there is a sensory nerve problem then as a result there should NOT any motor control issues, tremors, etc. ... (106 replies)
... I am a little differnt in the heat area sence i was dianoced with sfn i like the heat i never was in the sun much now it seems like it helps me calming of the nerves.The cold and wind seem to bother me more. (8 replies)
... FABRY Disease, Antibodies for certain types of Cancer, which are blood tests, and sent to a special lab, the last one is a fat pad bx where they take a couple of small samples of the fat in your stomach, to test for Amyloids. When these are all negative it is then called idiopathic. ... (15 replies)
... off on both hands..feet burn and legs too..legs got alittle better but my hands are so bad...Its also in my face the past few days Idk why..its so scary. I heard small fiber don't just come and go tho. so I am ? ... (24 replies)
... I am in my 5th year of dealing with small fiber sensory neuropathy. I have burning, tingling with electric like shocks in my feet and legs. ... (10 replies)
... a result of whiplash years ago. Sometimes if I turn my head a certain way, it will catch and for a few seconds, I can't move my head. I've been thinking 'small fiber sensory neuropathy' until I read this post. ... (9 replies)
... I have just been told I have SFN and it hurts and I am pretty concerned about its progression :/ (1 replies)
... I've had this in my feet & legs for sometime. All over jolts of pain, tingling, numbness & severe constant pain. Now it's my hands & arms that are killing me. I also am VERY affected by berometric pressure and my whole body feels like electricity. Really need to find people who get this & can offer support. 3 1/2 years of constant pain is wearing me down. Heather 716 (1 replies)
Very strange...
Dec 21, 2008
... I was diagnosed with small fiber sensory neuropathy, which I am by no means saying you have, but just to give you hope that there will be an answer for you out there to put all these pieces together. ... (14 replies)
... fiber sensory neuropathy. I can't tell if it's doing anything. ... (5 replies)
... As I mentioned before, first it was labeled as Pure Motor Neuropathy, as I didn't have pain or sensory issues, besides some numbness. Later on I developed the pain and the whole circus. ... (34 replies)
Mixed neuropathy??
Jan 24, 2013
... I've been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy. MRIs were all clear, last one was over a year ago. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, the small fibre nerves are the ones that responsible for sense of feeling you would need Quanitive Sensory testing or a skin punch biopsy to confirm small fibre damage, QS testing also tests the large nerve endings as they are responsible for sensing vibration, your right, a NCtest or an EMG test for large nerve function only. In the early days of my neuropathy i had an... (10 replies)

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