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... b. I had xrays, ultrasound and Mri done. All came back normal. Few days ago l saw a neurologist who did a nerve conduction studies an EMG. He said l had a bit of small fibre neuropathy but the Emg showed my pain was coming from a pinched nerve in in back. Does the pain sound like its coming from my back? ... (10 replies)
... pain in both the legs ,burning sensation in hands and feet for the past 4 takingnexito,multivite woman,gabantin 100 mg,and ensoft.Is small fibre neuropathy curable? ... (2 replies)
... Small fibre neuropathy can affect any small fibre nerve outside the central nervous system it is common in feet but not restricted to just feet can be body wide and include the face nerves in some cases. ... (9 replies)

... d be considered in all patients with idiopathic neuropathy even when gastrointestinal symptoms are absent, more commonly presenting with symmetrical sensorimotor neuropathy but there are some that only present with small fibre symptoms. ... (9 replies)
... diabetes is another thought higher than normal blood glucose levels can aggravate the nerves as well, next big meal you could try a meal that is very high in fibre or foods that are really low GI and see what happens. ... (9 replies)
... Small nerve neuropathy means the same thing as small fibre neuropathy. ... (6 replies)
... With idiopathic neuropathy progresssion is variable, some do progress and others don't or as much. ... (15 replies)
... HI Capewind. I am waiting for a proper diagnosis as well, I think it will lead to small fibre neuropathy. ... (12 replies)
... d me that the EMG shows l have chronic nerve damage in S1 and s2 nerve. Nerve conduction studies were normal.I don't know why the neurologist said l had a bit of small fibre neurothapy. ... (10 replies)
... d me that the EMG shows l have chronic nerve damage in S1 and s2 nerve. Nerve conduction studies were normal.I don't know why the neurologist said l had a bit of small fibre neurothapy. ... (10 replies)
... Are the symptoms only in your legs? This would suggest your estimate is correct, or, that the symptoms started there and could spread to other peripheral nerves. I have idiopathic small fibre neuropathy (sensory) - affecting all preipheral nerves including face, scalp, eyeball, neck, back, torso, arms, legs, feet. I get burning sensations spontaneously, sharp pain, biting... (3 replies)
... I am diagnosed with idiopathic polyneuropathy with a query about small fibre neuropathy. ... (12 replies)
... you are the first person I have found on any site that has posted that they have small fibre neuropathy. ... (17 replies)
... With my small fibre damage, when the day got hotter so would my feet, high sugary carbs use to aggravate the heck out my feet. ... (5 replies)
... immune......and of course have terrible neuropathy !!!!!!!!!!!! My feet burn, stabbing pains,numb,tingle, and it looks as tho it might be traveling to hands. ... (1 replies)
... they think i may also have peripheral neuropathy. i had a nerve conduction test done but the results were normal and i am waiting to get some more tests done for small fibre peripheral neuropathy. ... (1 replies)
... neuro, none of them knew the first thing about neuropathy one neuro didn't even know how to test for small fibre but I eventually found a neuro that was a neuropathy expert and my luck changed right then. ... (18 replies)
... Since then my peripheral neuropathy has slowly but surely worsened and in 2011 I developed derealisation which has not gone away and in fact is now a permanent state of being. ... (0 replies)
... of unexplained neuropathy patients were from gluten sensitivity, I really do think your doing a wonderful job of trying to sort out the culprits,..... ... (18 replies)
... (9 replies)

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