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... Lately my calves in my legs have been throbbing as well as most of my lower leg.....Is this part of PN or is this maybe additional problem going on? ... (3 replies)
... Just one suggestion. Our sneakers wear out greatly from the inside, and not necessarily show on the outside, especially if we only wear them indoors. But that wear can sneak up on us and cause a tremendous amount of pain and foot/leg problems. Try changing them and see if any difference. It's worth a try instead of suspecting something worse is going on. choc (3 replies)
May 22, 2010
... I have neuropathy in my feet and ankles due to Multiple Myeloma but don't have the pain which you are expriencing. My feet and ankles feel like when your feet go to sleep...tingling. I could not sleep at night with the aggrevation of my feet so my neurologist gave me Lyrica and Cymbalta for this. It helps so that I can sleep but my feet and ankles still have the tingling... (7 replies)

May 21, 2010
... terrible sharp stabbing pains, shooting pains, throbbing, aching and a real stiffness in my foot and ankle. I can never get my leg comfortable at night and have to keep moving it and rubbing it. ... (7 replies)
... I had the problem for about 8 months, just as that was subsiding I developed a daily chronic headache on my right side. I had shocking throbbing pains, burning all around my ear and areas around my eye, also was developing the burning in all areas of body but mostly on left side.. ... (9 replies)
... you may want to look into thoracic outlet syndrome(upper extremity only though) (3 replies)
... Hi, your burning pain sounds like nerve issues. I would start by seeing a MS specialist to rule this out. You said you had a brain MRI but did not mention if they did your spine. Some people with MS have no lesions in their brain but have them in their spine. Plus there are numerous tests they can run to rule out other conditions. In addition, a neurologist can run a... (3 replies)
... I've also had tightness and throbbing in my legs. Particularly the calf muscles. This has been happening before my menstrual cycle for years, but now it is happening near constantly. ... (3 replies)
... Hi all, Just wanted to see if anyone else had this issue, and if so, have any ideas for preventing it from occurring, or quick treatments to relieve the pain. I have PN in my left leg...from knee to toes...due to nerve damage during spinal fusion surgery three years ago. I've gotten used to the pain and sensations that come and go in that leg. However, one... (2 replies)
Please help....
Dec 16, 2004
... t able to warm up. And this was under the covers. For the whole day, I felt it go from hot to cold, hot to cold. I can't really say it feels numb. I also felt my leg go through a very light tingling sensation, just for seconds. The tingling sensation goes from my thigh down to the ankle, but from the side. ... (0 replies)
... Hi khunpeng, may I know where you did your prolotherapy? And what kind of doctor was he? (4 replies)
... and throbbing pain at c2 area on left side. i had 4 injections 2 at facet and 2 at occiput area. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for sharing. Obviosly I am at the beginning of a long journey and am very unsure of what information I am even looking for. I really appreciate you being so candid on this issue. (11 replies)
... of Neurontin at 3p..only thing I could have taken was a perc and HATE taking "pain" sucked it up...around 8p the pain went back to normal pain not the throbbing pain I did have. ... (11 replies)
... my dr couldnt find a cause of my sfn, but i had severe back pain, sciatica, and a bulging disc prior to the pain beginning, so im 99% sure the neuropathy started from nerve damage in my lower back. the pain began in my right foot and then after 2 epidurals for my bulging disc, it spread bodywide within weeks. i have all the pins/needles bodywide, electrical currents on my... (25 replies)
... Kathim: I've had pains in a lot of places that I don't have PN - latest are sharp, achy pains in my upper thighs, arm, knees. I'll be curious to read what happens with your ultrasound. Are they looking for clots? Do you have warm sensation and swelling (which can occur with clots)? I've mentioned my pains to dr., but they didnt' say anything (since, I assume, they don't... (3 replies)

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