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Tingling heels
Sep 15, 2010
... my heels is ungoing tingling what is the cause and how to cure it (0 replies)
Tingling in heels
Mar 21, 2007
... hi everyone, I've posted this on a few boards, so i thought i'd try here. I've had this problem on and off for over 2 years now with no answers. I commonly get a tingling/buzzing sensation in my heels. Mostly the corner of the heel but sometimes on the underside, closer to the instep. I also get a stinging sensation on the side of my foot, basically straight down from my... (3 replies)
Tingling in heels
Mar 27, 2007
... thanks for all your help everyone. if it is Plantar Fasciitis wouldn't it hurt when i step down on it in the morning? Its kind of the opposite. It is achy and tingly around my heel and the arch when in bed and it starts feeling better when i apply pressure. Alot of times i'll take a tie or sock and tie it tight around the back of the arch to the top of my foot. The... (3 replies)

... On Jan. 16, the knuckle of my left hand pointer finger became numb. The next day, the numbness spread to the area between that knuckle and my thumb with the tingling sensation climbing up my left arm. ... (43 replies)
... Hi, the small fibre nerves are the ones that responsible for sense of feeling you would need Quanitive Sensory testing or a skin punch biopsy to confirm small fibre damage, QS testing also tests the large nerve endings as they are responsible for sensing vibration, your right, a NCtest or an EMG test for large nerve function only. In the early days of my neuropathy i had an... (10 replies)
... Hi All, I was recently referred to a neurologist for a tingling/stinging in my heels and buzzing in the front of my heels/back of the arch of my feet. These sensations almost always come up before going to bed or after exercise. I never really have any discomfort while walking, running, or biking and go several days without discomfort at a time. Occasionally (maybe a couple... (10 replies)
... I woke up two weeks ago now with a tingling and numbness sensation in my heels. The next day it was my whole feet and by the third day it has gone up to the back of my knees. ... (6 replies)
... The last weird and also long time not felt symptoms are some numbness, tingling and funny sensations in my mouth, chin and nose. This are quite mils and come and go. ... (2 replies)
... stinging in my heels after excercise and before going to bed...with the occasional burning before going to bed. he seems to still think its restless leg syndrome. ... (10 replies)
Tingling in heels
Mar 22, 2007
... I had something like this and it turned out to be a Magnesium deficiency. Try taking a daily Magnesium supplement for a few weeks and see if its helps. Also, do you stretch your achilles tendon every day? It could be a tight tendon. (3 replies)
Tingling in heels
Mar 21, 2007
... Not to me, it doesn't. It usually comes on when you lie down to sleep. What you describe sound like a usuage problem, from using your feet. (3 replies)
Leg problems
Sep 13, 2006
... Hi, just wondering if you have had an MRI of the lower spine and/or a 3 -5 hour glucose tolerance test, sounds like you have had most of the normal tests though. (7 replies)
Leg problems
Sep 13, 2006
... I'm in a tizzy about my condition. I would greatly appreciate a post from you if you have pretty much the same symptoms. I have bilateral lower leg anterior numbness/tingling (painless). This is my only symptom! I've had an EMG/NCV (neg), an exam (passed everything I was put through, ie, walking on heels, toes, normal reflexes, eyes checked, etc.) by a neuro doc. She... (7 replies)
... I am a 44 year old male who has been diagnosed with PN. I am also diabetic. I began experiencing tingling and painful sensations in my feet about a year ago. ... (2 replies)
... I feel a constant tingling and cannot walk some days. ... (1 replies)

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