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... now, I get little 'shocks'... like chills but I'm not cold... and my scalp will go numb. or if I get really angry or have a strong emotion it may go numb again. ... (0 replies)
... and scalp for over 6 months now. My Dr. always thinks this is due to anxiety, but I'm starting to wonder if there might be another cause. ... (4 replies)
... The tingling sensations vary in how long they last. Sometimes they only last a few hours and sometimes several days. ... (4 replies)

... The tingling could also be a symptom of something else... How long do the tingling sensations last? ... (4 replies)
... burning, numbness, tingling and tight feeling of scalp. Now it's spreading to my face. ... (5 replies)
... he asthma but the cough seems not to want to go away. The tingling, burning and muscle spasms started about two weeks ago. One night while I was sleeping I had a tingling that started from my lower back and traveled all the way to my scalp. After this episode I had some spasms in my back, arms, legs and feet. ... (2 replies)
... it felt like I was wearing tight heavy stockings when I was barefoot. No pain, thank god, but numbness progressively advancing all over my entire body, with numb tingling scalp, cheeks, tongue, buttocks, etc. All over me, just numbness and tingling. ... (21 replies)
Tingling head
Jul 15, 2004
... Yes my scalp tingles also. I have bleached hair and last night when I went for my touch up I COULDN'T feel the normal burning of the scalp that I usually do. Does make me wonder. ... (2 replies)
Head tingling
Jul 26, 2013
... Hi, Pluck. I have tingling in my scalp, face, lips, ears, neck and down my arms and legs. ... (7 replies)
... tightness in my scalp that flows over my face. Just writing about it cause the feeling to appear. I've given up all alcohol drinking because of the uncomfortable feelings it causes. ... (5 replies)
... and my right calf, and now in my right index finger. Those 3 places are from injuries to a nerve or nerves. Then I have the painful feet tight, tingling scalp, flush face and a aching arms. And my Dr. has diagnosed this as MILD. Get your self a good Neurologist if you haven't already. ... (2 replies)
... you may want to look into thoracic outlet syndrome(upper extremity only though) (3 replies)
... Hi, your burning pain sounds like nerve issues. I would start by seeing a MS specialist to rule this out. You said you had a brain MRI but did not mention if they did your spine. Some people with MS have no lesions in their brain but have them in their spine. Plus there are numerous tests they can run to rule out other conditions. In addition, a neurologist can run a... (3 replies)
... At first, it started with some numbness and tingling in my arms, from the elbow down. Though I didn't remember resting my elbows on anything, I assumed I was putting pressure on a nerve and causing this myself. ... (3 replies)
... In December, I had a central retinal vein occlusion. Very scary as I am 31 years old. Following that, I started having pressure headaches and tingling in the back of my scalp, coupled with hand tingling. I attributed the headaches to anxiety over my situation. ... (0 replies)
... out a month after that, I got this "pinched nerve" feeling in the back of my knee, that was also causing a "sleeve" feeling on my left leg. From ther it went to tingling in my foot. Didn't think anything of it, just thought I overused my leg. ... (2 replies)
... Hi & thanks for reading...sorry for the length...but I don't want to leave out possible relevant information. Between 2005 and 2007 I had four "attacks" of symptoms that put me out of commission for two weeks at a time. I felt a very deep muscle ache starting in my right leg, spreading to my groin, then across my buttock area and down my left leg. Along with this ache I had... (1 replies)
Facial numbness
Dec 28, 2006
... Years ago I had a numb cold feeling in my scalp practically all the time. It was really annoying but the doctors couldn't find any cause for it, except stress. ... (2 replies)
B12 questions
Jan 28, 2017
... the nuerologist to give me a CT scan to the brain... I did the scan and everything came back normal. 2 Mounth later while im sitting in my home i suddenly get a tingling sensation that start in my scalp down to my neck this time i go to the nuero very terrefied and the nuero suspect MS so he give me an MRI of brain and neck... ... (0 replies)
... m in my neck and back. Then strange swelling on my cheek bones, with the back of my head becoming very tender, and shooting pains to my temples. Then started the tingling from my scalp to my face with numbness. ... (0 replies)

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