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... In another words the ear drum burst, and the nerves in my ear are not working properly over the channels as they normally should. which in simple terms is what a neuropathy is. so i basically have been suffering with this since september 04. I used to be a person that could sleep half the day if i wanted to. ... (0 replies)
Oct 5, 2013
... I was diag with small fiber neuropathy in 2012 by a skin biopsy. My started with pins and needles in my calves and burning pain under my feet. ... (1 replies)
... The neuropathy I suffer is located in my quad muscle area and my heel. ... (12 replies)

... Yeah, the "see you in a year" thing is non-sense. I would get any test that doctor did on you and go see another Neurologist that is set on helping his/her patients. My legs do itch sometimes. I've never had anyone tell me it's related to the SFN though. I'll ask my nuro when I see him this week and get back to you. It could also be from the meds I'm taking. I've read... (110 replies)
... though you may have pain in various parts of you body, they don't take a sample in each spot. My Neurologist said that if you have pain there, then you have the neuropathy there. It's a complicated illness that I find a lot of people don't understand. I'm not sure I totally do. ... (110 replies)
... l neuropathy and chronic fatigue? ... (5 replies)
... (9 replies)
... Yes, fluoroquinolones (Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox, Tequin, etc...) can all cause neuropathy, along with a whole host of other problems (tendon/ligament/joint damage, anxiety, fatigue, depersonalization, brain fog, tinnitus, the list goes on and on...). Permanent disability is possible, but mostly not likely...most people do recover from these adverse reactions, but depending... (9 replies)
... I am prone to bingeing, but have not for the past year until last night. I went kinda crazy and ate a Creme Brulee, ate a ton of really salty chips, 2 small bowls of Box Mac n' Cheese (some organic brand idk), some yogurt pretzels, and a bit of something else I can't remember (it was not sweet). This morning my hearing kinda went in one ear, and I am getting a very high... (0 replies)
... i feel your pain,"15 years to get a bs in biology". Im about to take 10 years to get a BS in Cell and molecular. does the right ear pain come with tinnitus? Right ear pain can also originate from the oral cavity, mouth ulcers in the back of the mouth, tooth infections cavity, because the nerves are the same for the ear as well. I had ear pain from chronic mouth ulcers,... (35 replies)
... I am not but think its getting to the point I may look into it..I just take Xanax for my Tinnitus in my ear. ... (7 replies)
... I'm so sorry you're going through this, I know its NO fun and family and friends just don't get it and how bad it truly is. I know I am going through the worse time of my entire Life and I have had my share of bad being in 2003 I woke to SHL No hearing in my right ear with LOUD Tinnitus ( ringing in the ear ) followed by a terrible car accident hurt my C spine bad... (24 replies)
... Hmmm I wonder...I kinda want to stay away from meds I am on Xanax for tinnitus I had a SHL in my right ear in 2003...nightmare. ... (24 replies)
... Hey Holton. This is exactly what Iíve been doing for the last couple of months. I guess I should know the name of the type of treatment Iíve been receiving. My psychologist takes me through a series of meditation techniques. It's done by her talking me through how to meditate properly. It involves thinking about positive places and things. It also focuses a lot on... (110 replies)
... also feeling sick and tinnitus which really does me in. ... (110 replies)
... Daisy, do you symptoms change with the weather? Mine do. What type of weather do you find impacts your symptoms more? That is interesting about the itching shins. When my legs do itch, it's usually on the shins and ankles. Are you able to get more Tylenol 3? The doctors should not deprive you of medicine that helps. Please make sure you fight for what makes you feel... (110 replies)
... I have to try this route. Thanks for someone else finally telling me that Insomnia and Tinnitus may be part of this process. It was driving me crazy that I was getting no answers. As for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, well who knows. ... (110 replies)
... Hi dianne. I am so glad that you finally got the biopsy done. I am with you- this disease is way more complicated than I thought when I was diagnosed. How long will it take for the results and what will they do then? I have had a terrible experience with drs as well and my chart with over 20 yrs of history was sent out of the office and lost. How could they do that?? The... (110 replies)
... Hi there i have the same symptoms as you have and i am wandering what meds did ur doctor prescribe you. I recently when to see a neurologist and he says i am having anxiety but i think his wrong i been having 1)gassy stomach 2)electric shocks all over the body (1-12 second pin ***** feeling ) 3)Constipation 4)nausea 5)tinnitus 6)sensitivity to sound 7)muscle movement... (5 replies)
Ringing in ears
Nov 16, 2009
... I have also had tinnitus alongside sfn for about 4 years now. ... (9 replies)

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