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... Just wanted to post my experience. Was having significant numbness and tingling in right pinkie and ring finger, did the electrical test, which indicated ulnar nerve neuropathy and CTS, with some muscle atrophy. I had no idea I had CTS. ... (1 replies)
... spread my fingers. Six days after the endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery a Guyon's canal release and ulnar nerve neurolysis was performed. ... (0 replies)
... Totally agree with Feelbad. That's what caused my ulnar nerve neuropathy. I didn't have neck pain. The cervical area needs to be checked out. ... (13 replies)

... ed. After theoropy the pain was worst they did get another apinion. The 2 nd. surgery they cut the bone out to relieve the nerve, that worked for about 1 yr. The nerve is now blocked worst, the last step is nerve transposition. I desperat for relief. I hope this gives you something to go on. ... (9 replies)
... I have had three MRIs in an attempt to specifically diagnose where the problem is. An MRI of my left elbow showed no swelling, marrow edema, or disruption of ulnar nerve signaling within the cubital tunnel. An MRI of my left brachial plexus showed nothing out of the ordinary. ... (9 replies)
... I am desperately trying to find out if ANYONE who has had a compressed ulnar nerve has my symptoms. ... (10 replies)
... WOW!!! Your saga sounds alot like mine, toss in carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy and a seizure disorder and we would have the same salad. ... (10 replies)
Jun 1, 2004
... I know this is the place for chronic burning stabbing pain, I mean that's what neuropathy is all about right? ... (14 replies)
... I had the surgery mar 2010...I have some sensitivity around the scar. What scares me is that the feeling and strenght was coming back and about 2 wks ago it took a turn for the its getting numb again...Its getting to the point where it was before the surgery...I have trouble gripping things. Anyone have this problem...and now I think the other hand is getting the... (38 replies)
... I had ulnar nerve transposition on October 27, 2009. I am a little over 3 weeks post op and am still in horrible pain. ... (38 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with Ulnar nerve neuropathy from a car accident 2 years ago. Ulnar nerve transposition occurred a year ago. ... (1 replies)
... I had three operations for an ulnar nerve neuropathy for my right arm. ... (20 replies)
... with axonal neuropathy. As well as left ulnar neuropathy. My nerve is pinched off there at my elbow. An EMG is an excellent source for picking up any type of neuropathy or any type of nerve damage. If you have DDD or spondylosis this can flare and aggitate surounding nerves and facet joints. ... (5 replies)
... The disease of the title of this post was diagnosed by a neurologist as a result of nerve conduction studies on 3 March 2015. ... (0 replies)
Ulnar neuropathy
Dec 5, 2011
... VERY interesting... Have you had spinal surgery to try and fix the issues? Even thinking about having that done freaks me out. (7 replies)
Ulnar neuropathy
Dec 2, 2011
... Parrot, I have neuropathy in my ulnar nerve caused by spinal cord compression at the C7 level. Any damage to the spinal cord and nerves below the level affected will cause nerve damage to areas below. ... (7 replies)
... My EMG and nerve conduction testing was yesterday. I found it to be highly unpleasant but I have a pretty low pain tolerance. ... (5 replies)
... this does sound like it is probaly in all likelyhood,stemming from the lower part of your c spine.the ulnar nerve IS the c 8 nerve at the very end ofyour c spine right before the T spine begins,tho you do not actually have a c 8 vertebrae,you DO have a c 8 nerve. ... (5 replies)
... I've had upper bilateral neuropathy for a few years. Lots of muscle spasms too. In the last few weeks I've developed a new symptom. Ache in the base of both thumbs. ... (1 replies)
... ER because my hand was ice cold, 4th and 5th fingers are numb and pins and needles and its spreading up my wrist. Was told it was parasthesia and likely from the ulnar nerve and it should be fine and go away within the week.SO...went to work again. ... (0 replies)

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