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... On May 3rd I injuried the ulnar nerve in my left hand. I injured my hand by repeatedly hitting golf balls at the driving range. I felt dumbness, along with the pins and needles sensation, in my pinkie finger, half of the ring finger and the meaty pad of my left hand. ... (2 replies)
... defined numbness in my left hand, affecting the ring and pinky, and perhaps some of the hand on that side. ... (11 replies)
... Two days ago, I had surgery to move the trapped Ulnar nerve at my left elbow. This partilcular doctor has performed hundreds of these and I even had a chance to speak with one of his patients who had much success. ... (5 replies)

... ray and an MRI, no fracture and the nerve isn't severed, but it is badly "stretched". My hand is a mess right now. ... (5 replies)
... I've been searching for information regarding ulnar nerve damage since my 9 yr old son put his arm through plate glass 5 weeks ago severing the ulnar nerve. Surgery to repair the nerve and the deep cut to his forearm close to the elbow was performed the morning after the incident. ... (29 replies)
... Three weeks ago, after falling on broken glass, I underwent surgery to repair my severed ulnar nerve and flexor tendon at the site of my palm. ... (1 replies)
... and the pain has improved to just needing ibuprofen, still some swelling and impressive brusing. But the nerve seems very irritated, lots of pins and needles, somewhat related exactly how I have the arm, but it is always there. ... (5 replies)
... while hitting golf balls and in all likelihood the nerve would repair itself with time. ... (2 replies)
... I had mine in 08 and the recovery is very slow. ... (5 replies)
... I had an accident with an air drill at work and was costantly lifting very heavy sheets of plyboard all day. after my accident i found out i have bilateral carpal tunnel and ulner nerve damage. ... (0 replies)
... It shouldnt really matter though the pins and needles is a bit interesting I thought that was supposed to go away straight away. I've had submuscular transpoitions in both arms. ... (5 replies)
... So , I work in fast food, which is fairly repetitious. I noticed Oct.2 that my right pinky and ring fingers were numb when I woke up. I couldn't shake it off. So I call hubby all freaked out and he said call clinic. ... (0 replies)
... spasms, 'buzzing' sensation in the palm of my hand below my little and ring finger. I also have clawing of my little finger.I did see a hand surgeon who previously did my surgery for dequervains tendonitis. ... (1 replies)
... I was just reading the post below regarding nerve compression in the neck. I may have ulnar nerve compression either at the elbow or wrist. ... (2 replies)
... Hi i been going though a lot of muscle twiching in my body for seven weeks. Now a couple of days ago i started having pins in needles in my left hand. I had pins in needles for over 6 hours on one day the second day i had it over four hours. ... (13 replies)
... I have a old fracture in my c6 c7 in my neck not sure if that is causing me to loose my balance and my legs to gave out with no warning a couple of weeks ago. i have been also having pins needles in my left hand wish is not going away. ... (13 replies)
... I got a bad virus. I was always pretty healthy and really didn't go to the doctor often. This virus landed me in the ER twice. My throat was so bad, I couldn't even drink liquids. ... (2 replies)
... short nerves. i get pins and needles in my ulnar nerve now and again even when it's not under a huge amount of strain. also i think my sciatic nerve is also short as when doing pnr stretching to my hams i get a shooting pain down the front of my shin. ... (0 replies)
... my back of my neck on the base board the day after i was in a lot of pain around where i fell . I found out about six weeks after that i had a fracture of my c6 and c7 wish i later found out that part of the bone broke off and was near my other bone. ... (13 replies)

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