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... for cubital tunnel syndrome in my left hand. Prior to undergoing the surgery I was experiencing numbness on the left side of my left hand including my pinky finger and half the finger next to it. ... (2 replies)
... I had carpal tunnel surgery and ulnar nerve surgery about 5 weeks ago. The numbness in my hands is much better now. I still have pain in my hand, they said it takes about 3 months for the hand pain to go away. ... (2 replies)
... Ok you can see my post on this. I had the surgery a year ago. I am still having problems and it is actually getting worse. As far as the actual surgery itself it was a piece of cake. I was in and out within 4 hours through same day surgery. ... (2 replies)

... how painful is carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve surgery and how long is recovery (2 replies)
... Yes ulnar nerve entrapment can cause loss of hand muscle strenght. Ulnar nerve is what feeds your hand muscles. I had ulnar nerve surgery in May, I'm still doing pt and have hyper sensations in the fingers and wrist. Neither one is a pretty site but what are your options? ... (2 replies)
... Ulnar Nerve Damage. ... (1 replies)
... recovery time, etc. Also, could medial epicondylitis be the culprit even though the nerve studies showed slowing? ... (0 replies)
... bone auto accident and surgery 6 mos later to repair the elbow and wrist as well. I still have issues with the elbow and the hand. They just aren't as sturdy as they used to be. ... (2 replies)
... I've been searching for information regarding ulnar nerve damage since my 9 yr old son put his arm through plate glass 5 weeks ago severing the ulnar nerve. Surgery to repair the nerve and the deep cut to his forearm close to the elbow was performed the morning after the incident. ... (29 replies)
... line worker in the auto industry going on nine years. September 17, 2008 I had carpal and cubital tunnel release on my left arm. November 14, 2008 I had the same surgery on my right arm. I have been having numbness, tingling in my ring finger and pinky on both hands. ... (2 replies)
... Hello all. I am new here and hoping to get feedback, or advice on what to do. I had surgery last march on my left elbow. The Dr. was going to relocate the Ulnar Nerve, but when he went in, he said that the nerve had "relocated" itself and was compressed by muscles. ... (2 replies)
... (4 replies)
... the doc told me it may be 3 years before the nerve heals enough to get my muscle strength back in the hand... ... (4 replies)
... Hey guys I have a couple questions that I was wondering if anyone could help me out with... The problem was I had a subluxing ulnar nerve which made it pop out of the cubital tunnel and back in place upon flexion. ... (1 replies)
... I severed my ulnar nerve 4 months ago and I believe I know what feeling you're talking about. ... (2 replies)
... I'm in the "hoping" phase...I hope my surgery will bring back my muscle. I would not want to refer you to somewhere without knowing my result, and I don't know it yet. ... (2 replies)
... I'm not money hungry Paul. I plan on posting a success story. I know of the bad ones. Mine was necessary. The alternative was muscle loss and maybe ruin my talents with that in hand. I hope to post a positive results soon. Today they worked me hard today and I swear even though sore in the morning, I have felt things turn back on. Be back later to see if your negative side is... (5 replies)
... It's been ten years since I last attended physical theray for my CTS release, but back then, there were tons of folks in therapy who had the Ulnar Nerve surgery and NONE of them were considered successful. Each one had residual complications, and most of them had wished they had forgone having the surgery done. ... (5 replies)
... to take the pressure off the ulnar nerve in both arms. ... (3 replies)
Ulnar nerve issues
Sep 16, 2012
... I am being told I will probably need ulnar nerve surgery, and would like to hear from those of you who have had the surgery and the results. I am 73 and a golfer, and am wondering if I will eveer be able to play golf again, and if so how long will a full recovery take. ... (0 replies)

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