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... I fell on a glass in my kitchen in october 2008 and severed my ulnar nerve and artery about four inches down from my wrist, I had surgery 4 days later to repair the artery and the nerve. ... (29 replies)
... at work. He went to 5 different doctors before one suggested that it could be "ulnar nerve damage". Sure enough it was. The doctor tried to wait and see if it would improve with meds and time. It did not. His arm still went numb , had lost strength in his arm and hand, and he was still in pain. ... (0 replies)
... defined numbness in my left hand, affecting the ring and pinky, and perhaps some of the hand on that side. it is a hard to define numbness, i can still feel, yet it feels detached, a definate contrast with my right hand if i rub both hands on my jeans or something. ... (11 replies)

... Hi I wanted to respond. I am a dental hygienist too. I am having carpal tunnel, and ulner nerve surgery for cubital tunnel two surgeries. I am worried about it affecting my fingers and the fine motor skills needed to do my job. ... (21 replies)
... My experience is not as extreme as yours, but I'll throw in my 2 cents worth if it helps. ... (9 replies)
... I haven't seen a doc about this year, and I wonder if it would be a waste of money. I am fairly confident that I have a pinched ulnar nerve. ... (0 replies)
... Last year in March 2006 I had surgery for ulnar nerve compression on my left elbow. Nerve conduction test was done which showed severe compression. After surgery my symptoms of buzzing sensations, twitching, burning pain improved tremendously. ... (13 replies)
... (4 replies)
... I'm not sure how long it has been since your surgery... ... (4 replies)
... tell me that they can do nothing about it. ... (2 replies)
... I too have a lot of muscle wasting...however...the doctor tells me it may take maybe 3 years, but my muscles in the hand should come back. ... (2 replies)
... Didn't sound like it to me. EMGs don't show small fiber neuropathy because it effects the autonomic nerves and the peripheral nerves. It won't even show up at all with the autonomic stuff. ... (10 replies)
... nt to see the surgeon today and the news wasn't good. I actually have two issues, one the neuroma, and two the entrapment of the nerve.The doctor isn't concerned about the nueroma cause it's so small and hasn't really grown, plus it was a result from the previous surgery. ... (4 replies)
... this does sound like it is probaly in all likelyhood,stemming from the lower part of your c spine.the ulnar nerve IS the c 8 nerve at the very end ofyour c spine right before the T spine begins,tho you do not actually have a c 8 vertebrae,you DO have a c 8 nerve. ... (5 replies)
... The 1st surgery was great and brought a lot of relief for about one year. Then I felt like a pop in my arm almost as if something let go and I got the second one and the nerve was badly entrapped in scar tissue. The dr. ... (9 replies)
... trust me here when i say that most, esp specialists will not even bother to actually even tell the flippin patient about everything that is even found in any given rad report? ... (13 replies)
... this could be the nerves themselves or it can also be the nerves and how they simply can fire off too muscle too? ... (13 replies)
... Hi Ian, and thanks for your message. Somehow it encourages me just to know that i am not the only person suffering from this condition. For the longest time there was no feedback, so I suffered alone. ... (29 replies)
... yea i know all about your fingers curling my is severe they wanted to do syrgery but i have had 8 syrgeries on both arms so i am reluctant to have anymore i try to cope with what i have and try to tolerate much pain but you should also see a doctor for depression also because the stress causes much depression and it helps to know that you are not the only one like i have told... (29 replies)
... Oh sorry, lol, I forgot to say in my original post that my surgeon, the one who did my operation, retired last summer, about 3 months after my surgery. ... (13 replies)

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