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... The thing is PD,anytime the c spine or the upper t gets inflammed at all,which is a pretty constant thing for me,it will create muscle problems. ... (4 replies)
... I had an injury to my low back two years ago from intense physical excercise. The first symptom was burning in the feet. Next came low back pain and burning in the buttocks. Eventually the burning pain has spread to the mid to upper back and now with burning in the hands. ... (2 replies)
Nerves Pain - Help
Oct 19, 2015
... Over six months, I have been having Tingling all over by body including my face, Crowling in my upper back, Burning in my two legs, needle pain all over, cold feeling in my back. ... (0 replies)

... e that helped was lying on the floor arms straight overhead, clasped as in prayer. Keeping the hands together slowly bring the hands down to your waist level and back up to all the way overhead. At first i had spasm doing these, then it helped with the discomfort. ... (11 replies)
... Sounds like a nerve entrapment. With all the invasive work you've had done, it leads me to believe that you could be suffering with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. A compression of the bundle of nerves in the shoulder & neck area referred to as the brachial plexus. There are many causes that can bring on TOS. Your complaints however would have me as a therapist, testing & treating... (2 replies)
... Got tested again for all STD's early December. Nothing. After about 1.5 month, the burning sensation started to spread to my face, shoulders, upper back, chest, upper arms and occasionally mild on my upper legs. Oh and my ears and also inside my ears. At some point my eyes started to burn too inside. Also my throat sometimes. ... (0 replies)
... I've been a waitress for 20 years, and I have slowly developed carpal tunnel, pinched nerves on occasion, and now I am experiencing a crawling sensation across my upper back, along with pain in between my shoulder blades. Also a stiff neck. ... (0 replies)
What is this?
Nov 15, 2005
... I just seen a Chiropractor. I have several pinched nerves in my upper back near my neck. Got an adjustment of my upper spine. How long will it take for the nerves to heal? ... (5 replies)
... ing, take a for Piriformis Syndrome. This can cause the hip to rotate and so cause the pelvic wall to relax on the affected side. This muscle carries much of the nerves and ligaments that support the pelvis for its innervation. When its in this state, the nerves can be entrapped, compressed or stretched. ... (14 replies)
... almost home thinks started coming back to me. I didn't have insurance so refused seeing a doctor. I was beat up pretty bad too. ... (4 replies)
... as a "latency" in the nerve signal from the point where the needle goes in in the time it takes that pain signal to go from the point of contact to the brain and back again,thats all.just because this test came back 'normal" really means nothing more than no actual permanent damage or compression on a nerve that was tested. ... (2 replies)
... Hi gpinzone I am not a doctor, but I was told by the laser therapist that since it is only light, there is nothing to do damage. I didn't feel any burning after my treatments, but do mention it to your therapist. He could ease up on the strength of the light if its too much for you. I hope once the burning goes away that you get some relief. (25 replies)
... Laser. The same as over there in WI. My issue is I have allodynia like pain on my upper back, back of neck, and sholders. Treatment was about 15 mins. He told me we will start out two treatments first week Mon and Fri and then goto three. ... (25 replies)
... n my hands the burning is unbelievable, so no you are not a big baby. I very much understand what you mean by It hurts to wear socks because it hurts 4 me to sit back against anything, even a pillow. So sleeping is out of the question I can't lay on either side because they go numb within minutes. ... (13 replies)
... i would VERY highly recommend an MRI be done up on your c and upper t spine areas. this could be the area where the nerves are being compromised at. your symptoms just fit more with some level of spinal affectation. ... (1 replies)
... Good news. Lastnight my hubby said he thinks the Lyrica is starting to relieve some pain from his damaged nerves in his upper back. Yaahoo!!! ... (9 replies)
Need a lifeline
Jan 7, 2011
... From Jan to June last year I had a series of upper respiratory and sinus infections. ... (2 replies)
... months. Does anyone know if nerves regenerate? ... (2 replies)
May 6, 2007
... fell backwards and banged my lower left back HARD against a protruding piece of concrete. I could barely move and was very THANKFUL that I could! I knew I had done something really bad. ... (3 replies)
... rheumatiod arth has the nodules and can cause all if this BUT i would encourage you to also research thoracic outlet syndrome (1 replies)

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