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... ve been a waitress for 20 years, and I have slowly developed carpal tunnel, pinched nerves on occasion, and now I am experiencing a crawling sensation across my upper back, along with pain in between my shoulder blades. Also a stiff neck. After doing a bit of research... ... (0 replies)
... My friends still have numbness burning in the extremities etc. so neuropathy is as good a word as any. ... (11 replies)
... In March 2013 I had a viral illness for a few days and extreme upper back aches. ... (2 replies)

... crawling feeling in my face starting at my ears and down my cheeks to my chin to my neck back in Jan 2005. ... (0 replies)
... n my hands the burning is unbelievable, so no you are not a big baby. I very much understand what you mean by It hurts to wear socks because it hurts 4 me to sit back against anything, even a pillow. So sleeping is out of the question I can't lay on either side because they go numb within minutes. ... (13 replies)
... Also, this is the second post concerning neuropathy and acid blockers. Another curious thing is the acid reflux. I have a lot of discomfort in the solar plexus area, just under the breastbone. ... (11 replies)
... Hoping someone out there reads this and has an inkling of what could be wrong with me.... March 25th I woke up to high anxiety, high blood pressure, lower back pain and heavy pressure in my heart area. Two hours of testing at my primary Doctor, nothing showing wrong. ... (1 replies)
... at was preceded by several minutes of itchy and tingly arms and fingers. Then it suddenly went away and all I felt after that was kind of a weird pressure in my upper right back, which is still there now. Is this kind of thing consistent with SFN? ... (12 replies)
... neuro said there is no cure for PN but they can give medications for the pain. Have PN for two years and started with burning feet and bad electric shocks in my upper back. Have taken a lot of antidepressants which did not help. Taking 200mg of Lyrica a day, which is of no help. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I have been diagnosed with cervical neuropathy. I have terrible spasms in my upper back as well as numbness in my left thumb and sometimes pain in my right arm and right pinky and was dizzy for 3 months (started with extreme vertigo upon waking from sleep) I also have a dull pain in my right buttock -- does not radiate down leg. Wondering if there is any... (2 replies)
... I had an injury to my low back two years ago from intense physical excercise. The first symptom was burning in the feet. Next came low back pain and burning in the buttocks. Eventually the burning pain has spread to the mid to upper back and now with burning in the hands. ... (2 replies)
... Hi gpinzone I am not a doctor, but I was told by the laser therapist that since it is only light, there is nothing to do damage. I didn't feel any burning after my treatments, but do mention it to your therapist. He could ease up on the strength of the light if its too much for you. I hope once the burning goes away that you get some relief. (25 replies)
... Laser. The same as over there in WI. My issue is I have allodynia like pain on my upper back, back of neck, and sholders. Treatment was about 15 mins. He told me we will start out two treatments first week Mon and Fri and then goto three. ... (25 replies)
... Trigger point therapy is the best thing ever. When you find a trigger point, it's important to stretch carefully, and rub the whole muscle. When you press on it, don't press as hard as you can, it should cause little to no pain. I've had horrible TrP's in my upper back for about 10 years, self-massage is the best thing I've found. Since my ankle injury, now healed,... (38 replies)
May 27, 2008
... ve not been getting any better for me. The numbness in both feet and ankle up, are coming about pretty heavy, almost every other day. The electric shocks in my upper back are more frequent than before. Have been getting pains in my right backside and thought it may be from my hip replacement that was done in 2004. ... (2 replies)
... When I had pain when moving my left arm and had burning/tingling near my left shoulder blade to the spine I went to my chiropractor and he told me that my rib was dislocated. He adjusted it, (and another up near my shoulder that I didn't even know was out!) and I could move my arm fine afterward and the pain went away until next time I dislocated a rib. I have HNPP (Hereditary... (11 replies)
... :eek: Dear Walus, You should ask to get a referral to see a Neurologist. Only they are able to make the dignosis of Neuropathy. I have several areas on my body from nerve damage and burning/tingling, etc. I feel your pain believe me. You must rule out every other possible cause. Cathy :confused: (11 replies)
... Since December I've had burning pain in upper abdomen. I lost almost 30 lbs due to severe pain upon eating or just the fact that I had no appetite. ... (0 replies)
... s not painful or numb or tingly. The best way I can describe it is as when a body part is "waking up" from being asleep. The moments right when blood is flowing back into that body part, that's how it felt. It was near constant. ... (2 replies)
... almost home thinks started coming back to me. I didn't have insurance so refused seeing a doctor. I was beat up pretty bad too. ... (4 replies)

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